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Under the Jacaranda Tree!


Welcome to the Website!

Every year San Diego enjoys a inspiringly violent blue purple assault on our skyline. Throughout the city, these grey barked normally demure Jacaranda trees explode into the most vivid color canopies that magically change one’s perspective if you look into the skies below their boughs. Try it and maybe you will see things a bit differently. I did.

I find myself doing a lot of different stuff and wanted to have a place where I could share it with others without having to be too specific about it.  I thought that if I put it all up here it would offer my victims the opportunity to discover other stuff together. Yes, I am hope that this site is fun and inspires us all to try, succeed or fail, share and repeat.

I also thought it might be nice to be able to take a cyber look back over time and see the tracks we have left on this strange beach we call a life and time

Anyway, thats the deal....Look around, get comfortable, pull up a smile and set a spell and then when you feel like it, leave something for others to find in the Kitchen Drawer.

Things to Read: 
This is where you will find links to the book(s) that I have written and published. I will also include updates on my progress on the new book because I enjoy the delusion that someone might be curious as to my progress. I will also add others I that I wish I had written and will read again.
Here is where I put all of these randomized wordy images that invade me from time to time. I enjoy ignoring the rules, any sense of dignity and letting these words find their own connections. Doing it here is easier that really publishing the poetry.  Putting them here also has the added advantage of potentially be more fulfilling and humiliating than they would be left on my computer for my heirs and forensics experts to find at the scene of the crime.
Things to See:
Bonsai Trees:
I started training Bonsai Trees in the mid to late 1980s. I have always been very successful at changing perfectly healthy and happy nursery stock and “pirated plants” into lovely shaped small potted trees that never grew much. In fact, at first I thought that Bonsai was Japanese for "Stick Making". But eventually, I was able to actually shape and maintain these living works or art and take great pleasure in their creation and maintenance. Traveling always took its toll but this form or art has always brought me more peace than pain.
These are photos of some of my colored pencil drawings and more recently, color pastel drawings.
These are photos of some of the Watercolor and Acrylic Paintings I have done over the years
This is a new area of expression for me, again. I loved photography for many years until all my photography work got stolen in a burglary and broke my heart when my kids weren't much over knee-high so I am now rediscovering this art form.

Things To Hear: 

Music has always been such an important function in my life and for that matter in the lives of everyone of my generation. It was the way we differentiated ourselves from our parents, “the establishment” and even each other. I think music helped my generation learn to respect differences and celebrate them. It helped us understand that symphony of diversity can be even more beautiful than the finest solo. Anyway, this is where I put the musical stuff that matters to me.  

Things To Eat 

This is where we can share the delightful dishes we have conjured, stolen, morphed or otherwise obtained. I have cleverly arranged this section to be roughly equivalent to American dinner courses, do try not to be offended if your experiences differ.
Libations, Cocktails and Drinks
Whores Devowers 
Main Courses
On the Side

Bon Apps! 

The Kitchen Drawer (The Blog):
The kitchen is where life happens in most homes. And in every Kitchen there is always that one drawer where all the weird stuff ends up. Its always the place you go when something doesn't have a regular place.  For me this is where we will put any points we want to make to the universe or other mad ramblings and capture any great quotes. I offer you a hearty and jovial invitation to you to enter your attributed rants or quotes of others as you deem appropriate. Or you can just say, "hi" or link to some new music you really like. If you see something you like or would like to change, please throw that in the drawer as well or you can send an email to james@jfmccann.com.



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