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Stuff to stuff when just drinkin or nibbles while the real vittles are finishing - Either way, these should be tastey parcels of flavor prferrably impossible to count as real calories as they are so small (but plentiful!)

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Artichokes James 3/22/2014 3:50:16 PM 0
Uncle Larry's Nachos James 3/22/2014 4:35:59 PM 0
Vichyssoise James 1/2/2017 3:46:11 AM 5
Spanish Gazpacho Soup James 9/14/2016 11:01:44 PM 0
Hawaiian Shredded Beef and Cheese Sliders James 1/22/2017 11:24:26 PM 0
Picadillo Filled Empanadas James 2/24/2017 6:21:56 PM 0

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