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Vocabulary Quiz
Vocabulary Quiz

April 6th, 2017 - New Vocabulary Words

The key is at the bottom of the page but don’t cheat !

The Words: 


  1.  smaragdine
  2.  vaunting
  3.  anthophilous
  4.  ort
  5.  coze
  6.  recondite 
  7.  abstruse
  8.  esoterica 
  9.  vulpine
  10.  nescience  

The Definition Choises:

  1.   a scrap or morsel of food left at a meal
  2.   difficult to understand
  3.   related to or pertaining to foxes
  4.   emerald-green in color or pertaining to emeralds
  5.   highly specialized subjects or publications 
  6.   obscure or little known
  7.   of insects or other animals frequenting flowers
  8.   lack of knowledge or ignorance
  9.   a friendly talk or chat
  10.   boasted about or praise excessively 





The Key:
  1. D (i.e. Her eyes project a smaragdine light that captured whomever she spoke with completely.)
  2. J   (i,e. He is constantly vaunting his kids rather marginal accomplishments.)
  3. G  (i.e. The subject of his thesis was as anthophilous as a honey bee. )
  4. A (i.e. They were destitute, living on the orts left by others.  )
  5. I  (i.e. Monthly he would board the train for the hour long ride to his favorite coze .
  6. F  (i.e. He was able to always produce that a piece of recondite information required to make the case.)
  7. B (i.e. The data was so complex and abstruse that one needed a doctorate to open the report.
  8. E (i.e. She was well versed on all the esoterica available.) 
  9. C (i,e.Her vulpine features did not seem to endear her to the audience.)
  10. H  (i,e. With each passing day, Trump’s nescience becomes more embarrassingly apparent.)

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