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San Diego Water Color Society
41 Western Federation Exhibition
US National Arboretum -Images from the National Bonsai & Penjing Museum
Things to See
There is so much to see. I have a number of photo galleries of things that I think are cool to see. I will also provide external links to things that i have enjoyed seeing. I hope you do too.

I ncourage the art lovers who viist the UJT to view the San Diego Watercolor Society's webpage as well as the show changes each month. This site has a large body of paintings to view online and links to over 100 other Watercolor Societies from around thw world where you may view even more wonderful water media based art. 

I have also provided a presentationto the 41st Western Federation of Watercolor Societies Exhibition is an interesting and eclectic mix of the best paintings from 12 Watercolor Societes.I hope you enjoy it.

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