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There is a new trend in my North Park neighborhood in San DIego. A lot of the Mom and Pop stores are letting the Graffiti Artists around do their walls and doorways. Here are some samples. I really like it. All taken with the Nikon.
These are different pictures taken in Costa Rica when Jack and I visited. Some are iPhones but most are from my Nikon. There are pictures from where Jack and I stayed in Jaco as well as our travels south and east. I also have a number of shots of Rick Burgestresser's slice of heaven called CASA BALI  (a B&B for the rich and famous) that he is just opening up in Tamarindo this year. 
 I am not sure if it is a quote I heard somewhere or a passing moment of wise lucidity but at some point in my life I realized that like points on a plane in geometry, we must be defined by the people we love and cherish. These are some of those poeple for me. I will add to thise stash as I capture more images. 
 My creative process is a mix of trying to paint or draw what i have seen or touched and creating art from images wholely of my own imagination. Here are some of the former type the second type is much harder to focus a lens on.
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