Great Quotes!!!

Have you ever heard something said, that you found yourself repeating or just thinking about?   Words matter. Most of what is said or heard is either so specific in terms of time or applicability that they only matter for that moment or to those people.  But sometimes the things that find their way out into our world from the minds of others are notable, repeatable and ponderable. This is where we can save them.  If you have a quote that would like to capture, please tell us .

Here are the ones we have captured so far:

Theodore Roosevelt – The Man In The ArenaPhillip Toshio Sudo – Leadership and DisciplineChief Tecumseh – LifeAesop – KindnessAnonymous – IdiotsAbraham Lincoln – ThornsJ.W Stephens – Dog Goal Matthew McConaughey – Found meMark Twain – An Ideal LifeFat People – UnknownMark Twain – DanceBob Ross – Mistakes Stephen Hawking – Disabilities Mark Twain – Travel Walt Disney – The Difference Henry David Thoreau – Good Behavior