The kitchen is where life happens in most homes. And in every Kitchen, there is always that one drawer where all the weird stuff ends up. It’s always the place you go when something doesn’t have a regular place.  For me, this is where we will put any points we want to make to the universe or other mad ramblings and capture any great quotes. I offer you a hearty and jovial invitation to you to enter your attributed rants or quotes of others as you deem appropriate. If you see something you like to throw in the drawer or would like to change, please complete the Please Let Us Know!!?? form and we will get right on it. In the meantime, you can stroll through our checked past by reviewing the old UJT updates, and check out some great quotes or interesting humans. And if you are feeling really adventurous,  The Stuff that Doesn’t Fit section has some pretty cool, er .. stuff that doesn’t fit to check out. Have some fun and tell your friends.

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Great Left Coast Poker Smoke and Lies Society

Even good men and women need some off-color outlet to enable their better selves the benefit of having rolled in the dirt with the other mongrels from time to time. This cleansing, made of bad jokes, too many stories shared without the benefit of fact-checking; And of course, cards, stogies, and friendship is just what a wise good man or woman needs periodically.  Perhaps this may be viewed as his or her “other” church. Even that kind of church needs rules and such and here they are.  Anyway, we built one.  They came. And it is good!

GLCPS&L Society

The Stuff That Doesn’t Fit:

Sometimes you will come across something that is valuable but doesn’t fit into the normal categories of valuable things. The Kitchen Drawer in every house is one place such items tend to wait to be discovered again, by the one who left it long ago or someone searching for something else. 

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Corrected Mistakes, Caught Lies, and Other Booboos:





















I know that this will come as a terrible shock to all.? Many? some? A few? … well ok ..almost none of you who actually read this thing will actually be shocked, that upon occasion? frequently? … multiple times daily, I will make mistakes. But I do try to correct them before you see them or in other words, before I get caught.

Anyway, I want to re-assure you, the kind, gentle soul that you are, that these lapses in accuracy, arithmetic, typing skill, literary taste, and truth are nothing more than momentary enthusiasms that intend no harm except perhaps a bit of laughter on your part.

However, I do take my “UJTing” seriously. I mean, after all, you good people are giving me some of your valuable time and attention. So I really do want to correct any oversight or fake news or another dumbass mistake that I might have made whenever I can! (especially when caught red-fingered so to speak).

So here is where those errors will be corrected. I encourage you to use whatever means suits (except physical violence upon my person) to let me know whenever you discover some errant fact, typing, or outright lie on my part. You may even fill out the form provided.