Health – My ambition is to develop better ways to deal with stress:

  • Wash my hands more, wear masks and limit my physical exposure to those disease ridden humans!
  • Spend more time with dogs and trees.
  • I will not drink alcohol until Christmas 2021 or whenever my weight is below 250. After that, if my weight exceeds 255, stop again.
  • I will only consume calories when I am burning them. From 2pm to 7pm. Out side of those hours, I will limit my intake to water, plain coffee and pickles (cause they are almost no calories and I like them)
  • I am going to seek out some sort of support group to help me be better in my situation.
  • I will not let others behavior dictate mine under any circumstances. I find whenever I fail to do this it helps neither of us. When in doubt, I will not respond and walk away. Anger is not my friend.

Friendship – My ambition is to be a better friend than I have been thus far:

  • I will continue try to improve my listening skills as they still pretty much suck!
  • I will continue to produce updates to the UJT site that are worthy of my friends’ time
  • I will contact my friends on a one to one basis at least semi-annually, or more.

Learning – My ambition is to continue to learn new things/skills and practice to keep old learning current:

  • I will continue to listen to audiobooks – both fiction and non-fiction
  • I well refinish or create or repair furnishings in our house (new desk).
  • I will continue to try new recipes and methods.
  • I will try to improve the UJT Website presentation (i.e. make all the music selections play one after the other).
  • I will attend classes for watercolors, ceramics and stained glass classes when available to me.

Financial – My ambition is to fund more visits to other places when it is safe:

  • I will reduce costs anyway possible without sacrificing our safety or lifestyle.
  • I will increase operational savings by 15%.
  • I will generate income – salary or sales of services or product
  • I will spend money locally at small businesses and local franchises.
  • I will get rid of “stuff”- donate or sell for financial advantage and to reduce general clutter in my life

Art – My ambition is to become more skilled at watercolors and stained glass:

  • I will create a new watercolor and stained glass piece each month
  • I will create a special project for Mary
  • I will create a new homemade Christmas Present for 2021

Working towards these ambitions will make 2021 a richer more rewarding year for me and those around me.