Bloody Mary’s 

As long as I had the Vodka out for the Martinis … Do you like Bloody Marys? Not everyone does while others consider it a mainstay cocktail (because its “OK” to drink with breakfast, I think). I got a few positive comments back on the Martini recipe that I published last week. So I thought I would follow up with an early Christmas present for all of those who enjoy the occasional tomato based cocktail. I do not do these often but when I do, I do them well (iffn I do say so myself). Like with the Martinis, there is a certain amount of religious vigor needed to pull it off correctly:

  1. Gather the stuff you will need: Cocktail Shaker, Ice, Vodka that you like, V8 Juice, Cholula Hot Sauce, Woustershire Sauce, Celery Stalk (with or without leaves, your choice) and Celery Salt
  2. Prepare the glasses – Some like to wet the tip of the glass with lime juice and dip it into garlic salt for this cocktail. I have done it, liked it but mostly don’t do it usually because its kind of pretentious. You can fill a Tall Glass half way with ice and set it aside while you mix the rest.
  3. Put 2 jiggers of Vodka, 1/2 tsp of Celery Salt, Dash of Cholula Hot Sauce and a Dash of Woustershire Sauce (dash to your tastes – no one measures this stuff – you do know what you like right?) into the Cocktail Shaker and then add the V8 juice.
  4. Stir or shake in the shaker well.
  5. Put Celery Stalk into the tall glass and pour the brownish, red nectar of the Gods into your ice cold glass.
  6. Take a large spicy sip and bite the celery. Then start talking like you know what your talking about – it’s kind of expected when you drink these things. You can wave the celery around for effect, if you like.