Sarah Kay

Sarah is a Poet and Spoken Word Poetry Performer from NYC. She speaks to large audiences intimately. She makes you feel like she is talking to you. I have never heard her speak without tears in my eyes. Not of sadness but of joy at the inclusion in a world she speaks about with her fast gated breathless voice and magical wording.

Sarah was born in NYC in 1988 and started her career as a spoken word poet at the age of 14, performing at the Bowery Poetry Club. Her Japanese mother and Jewish American father supported her and took her to the East Village to perform. She became the youngest person to competing at the National Poetry Slam in Austin, TX in 2006. Is the founder and co-director of Project Voice. Project Voice is a group of published artists, poets and educators who use spoken word poetry as a teaching method. They do both academic workshops and professional development.

Although I have “written” poetry for most of my life, I have seldom been moved by much I have read. I think that is what makes Sarah’s work so special. Her language and delivery engage her audiences at a visceral level with her words that make you feel as much as think. She is a young woman with a great mind.