The UJT Music Trivia Quiz !

I am not aware of any government studies that confirm it, but I believe that music is the universal language of humanity. If we spent more time appreciating what our music was trying to tell us we would live in a much less dangerous place. We would find our common humanity and appreciate the differences between us more. In my experience music (with the possible exceptions of Disco, Opera and Rap) teaches us tolerance and contemplation. All kidding aside, we could do worse than pay attention to the details of the sounds that soothe us and help us grow.

In that light, I have initiated the UJT Musical Trivia Quiz. About once each month, I will assemble a numbered list of musical trivia items (a factoid about the music or bit of lyric or some other detail you should know if you were paying attention) and a lettered list of songs and artists associated with that musical item. Your mission is to match the items to their owners and songs. The key will be provided at the bottom of the page, much like we do the Vocabulary Word Quiz.

This in intended to be fun and thought provoking. A challenge to our minds (as opposed to Google!) in connecting details you have probably witnessed with those that created them. Whether you succeed or not is not really the point. Remember, we should try to enjoy the journey.


Musical Trivia Quiz for September 16th, 2021

Trivia Item:

1. Which artist’s entire 1985 Live Aid set consisted of just a single cover song?
2. What song is “Every now and then I get a little bit terrified“ from ?
3. What song is “Einstein, James Dean, Brooklyn’s got a winning team” from?
4. What song is “Time can bring you down Time can bend your knees Time can break your heart Have you beggin’ please” from?
5. What song begins with “The Eastern world, it is explodin’ Violence flarin’, bullets loadin..’” ?
6. Which song is “I’ve paid my dues Time after time I’ve done my sentence But committed no crime” from?
7. What song is “There were green alligators and long necked geese” from?
8. What song starts with “Here is a poem That my lady sent down Some morning while
I was away. ” from ?
9. What song begins with the lyrics, ”City girls just seem to find out early How to open doors with just a smile” from?
10. What band can the Dude not abide?



A.  Souvenirs
B   Tears in Heaven
C. We Didn’t Start the Fire
D.  Lyin’ Eyes
E.  The Eagles
F.  Eve of Destruction
G. Total Eclipse of the Heart
H. Elvis Costello
I.   The Unicorn
J.  We Are the Champions


DON”T Peek!!!









1. H) All You Need is Love
2. G) Bonnie Tyler
3. C) Billy Joel
4. B) Eric Clapton
5. F) Eagles
6. J) Queen
7. I) Irish Rovers
8. A) Dan Fogelberg
9. D) The Eagles
10. E) The Taxi scene from the Big Lebowski