The UJT Music Trivia Quiz !

I am not aware of any government studies that confirm it, but I believe that music is the universal language of humanity. If we spent more time appreciating what our music was trying to tell us we would live in a much less dangerous place. We would find our common humanity and appreciate the differences between us more. In my experience music (with the possible exceptions of Disco, Opera and Rap) teaches us tolerance and contemplation. All kidding aside, we could do worse than pay attention to the details of the sounds that soothe us and help us grow.

In that light, I have initiated the UJT Musical Trivia Quiz. About once each month, I will assemble a numbered list of musical trivia items (a factoid about the music or bit of lyric or some other detail you should know if you were paying attention) and a lettered list of songs and artists associated with that musical item. Your mission is to match the items to their owners and songs. The key will be provided at the bottom of the page, much like we do the Vocabulary Word Quiz.

This in intended to be fun and thought provoking. A challenge to our minds (as opposed to Google!) in connecting details you have probably witnessed with those that created them. Whether you succeed or not is not really the point. Remember, we should try to enjoy the journey.

Musical Trivia Quiz for October 22nd, 2020

Trivia Item:

1. What rock musician amassed a fortune estimated to be more than 1.2 billion dollars”?
2. What hit “rock” musical from 1961 is getting a Spielberg remake to be released in 2021?
3. What movie sound track included, “ I believe I can fly” by R Kelly?
4. What artist is the only one to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three separate times?
5. What American musician won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2016?
6. What band tied Michael Jackson in winning 8 Grammys in a single year?
7. What band did Peter Tork play with?
8. What song by Prince rose highest in the charts?
9. What soundtrack featured Ray Parker Jr huge hit?
10. Who produced Michael Jackson’s most successful album, “Thriller” ?



A. When Doves Cry
B Eric Clapton
C. Space Jam
D. Ghostbusters
E. Quincy Jones
F. Bob Dylan
G. West Side Story
H. Paul McCartney he has remained active and profitable since the Beatles broke up in 1970.
I. The Monkees
J. Santana


DON”T Peek!!!









1. H) Pink Floyds’ classic lines up perfectly with the movie.
2. G) Supposed to be a clue that Paul had died. The dead need no shoes.
3. C) Little Richard thought Hendrix’ guitar work distracted fans from the real star on stage.
4. B) Elvis never gave an encore. After he finished, the announcer would say, “Elvis has left the building”.
5. F) He has been extremely influential in music culture for more than 50 years. One of his most popular songs is “Blowin’ in the Wind” from 196.
6. J) Latin supergroup Santana won eight Grammy Awards in 2000
7. I) Her appearance in the video helped launch her career.
8. A) Prince, full name Prince Rogers Nelson, was an American singer-songwriter
9. D) Who ya gonna call??
10. E) Quincy Jones is widely regarded as one of the greatest music producers of all time.