April 19th, 2018

“ Habari ya asubuhi” “Good Morning” in Swahili. You remember Swahili, that is what Tarzan spoke to the villagers but not the elephants.

I have been binging on Bosch on Amazon Prime. The new Roku TV makes such behavior way too easy. The writing, photography not to mention the great acting make up for the sometimes self-indulgences of the various directors (they have a different director for almost every episode!). Has anyone else noticed that Video credits have gone the way of banking titles. You know what I mean…if you are a teller at a bank you are the VP of some microscopic responsibility area. It seems in the past few years we have gone from a single Executive Producer to something like twenty per show. Also the lead actors seem to be also EPs as well. Wonder if it is simply recognition by title in lieu of compensation or another revenue source for the lucky and numerous Executive Producers.

This week I learned some stuff:

• Amazing!!! For those of you who say that the government is not effective at anything I beg to differ. They collect my taxes before I collect my pay and the processed my meager refund such that it trickled into my account (I think it was ashamed) within a week of filing my taxes.
• Today, we celebrate “National Garlic Day!!!” Originating in Asia over 7,000 years ago our aromatic refuge from the Lily family has been flavoring our foods and protecting us from Vampires. We celebrate those deadly green clouds of garlic burps after dinner today. Just think of how bland our lives would be without our fragrant friends (this family also includes onions, leeks and shallots.)!
• I saw and shared with you all the most inspirational speech, that I have heard in a long long time. Admiral McRaven speaking at the commencement ceremony for the University of Texas at Austin in 2014. He perspective that we have a personal and shared responsibility for ourselves and our fellows was refreshing

Website Update:
• Whoo Hoo!!!! A New Vocabulary Quiz!!!
• I added a recipe for some very fine Grilled Pork Roast.

Writing, Ceramics and Painting Update:
• I made pretty good progress on the watercolor painting of Wisteria in bloom this week. I also completed the sketch of the String Of Pearls painting. I have another painting banging around in my head as well. The Blue Meany and Glove trivets are drying in prep for the their first firing this week.
• The weird/ugly ceramic Remote Control thingy is now done for better or worse. It certainly was a much better concept that an actual ceramic but after all this I feel compelled to post the image on the site.
• I started the detail work on the Chewy acrylic painting this week. I must be making progress because I now hate a piece of canvas!

• This morning my watch told me my phone was ringing and that the call was probably a scam. A little later, I got an email from the watch that tracks my steps and sleep telling me that it needed me to recharge its batteries. Put that in your bright yellow trenchcoat Dick Tracy!!! You just cannot make this shit up.

Music Update:
Go to this week’s UJT Radio program.
• Dave Mason — Can’t Stop The Worrying, Can’t Stop the Loving — From The Vinyl!!! This is another great cut from his iconic, “Alone Together album released in 1970.
• Stevie Wonder — I Wish — This great song is from his 1976 release, “Songs in the Key of Life”.
• Midnight Groove — Road To Zen — One of my favorites from by buddy George Gomez (lead vocals and guitar). This is an excellent cover of Corey Stevens’ song.
• Dave Mathews Band — Stay (Wasting Time) — Just a great song!! .. You got to love a song that includes sweat in such a cool context. This one comes to us from their “Before the Crowded Streets” album released in 1998. I love the sax and background vocals.
• The Droge and Summers Blend — Give Me Time —Beautiful harmonies, spacey guitars and there’s peace in the valley. This one comes from their self-titled effort released in 2009.
• Steely Dan — Chain Lightning — Sweet harmonies, tight jazz played just like you like it. Come On! Is Katey Lied your favorite SD album?? Just kidding! There are just too many great records from these guys. This one was released in 1975. Oh My!
• Traffic — Light Up or Leave Me Alone — This is a deep cut from “The Low Spark of Hi Heeled Boys” album released in 1971. This one was written by one of the nicest and deeply talented hi heeled boy, Jim Capaldi, his own self!
• Venice — Baby’s Calling — If you love romance in harmony, then this one is for you. These brothers/cousins harmonize about as good as any you might find. I even love the “Bom ba, Bom Bas” and the guitar/drum interplay with the strings at the end of this one. This song comes from their “Home Grown” album released in 2008.

That’s it… Do the best you can; Laugh every chance you get; And always remember … The best is yet to come!

As always, thank you for being my friend!

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