September 20th, 2018

“Beyanî baş” Wishing you a “Good Morning” in Sorani Kurdish, which is spoken in western Iran and much of Iraqi Kurdistan. .

The Great American Read is still running. I am still voting. Are you? You only have until October 18th to vote for your favorites!!!!

If there is an “Anti- Chick-Flick” it is “Lone Wolf McQuade” starring Chuck Norris and David Carradine. The plot is flimsy. They kill a wolfe. None of the love interests wear bras. Best anti-chick flick line is when McQuade is buried alive and saves himself using his super Ram Charged SUV. In time to kill the last bad guy and save his trusty side kick Cato Ramos. Ramos thinks McQuade is dying, and holds him in lap and prays McQuade doesn’t die on him after all this. McQuade says as his eyes flicker open, “Get me a beer Kid.” I mean you can feel the estrogen evaporate from El Paso to Corpus Christi:)

And another thing… As much as I find the current president of our country to be a narcissistic moron, devoid of anything like personal character, the state of our country’s politics is not this repulsive and shameful just because the Republican Party sold their soul to the devil. No, our good friends to the left proudly shouting that they aren’t Trump like its the only redeeming feature that they offer, aren’t much better. Their arrogance and devotion to the status quo of perpetuating incumbents contributed the failure of our system to produce leaders worthy of the honor to serve. They allowed a completely amoral force take over of the judiciary that will scar our freedoms in favor of short term gains for a very small minority of the citizens. This was the result of one lost election, the performance of the Democratic party has been marginal for some time. These times are demonstrative of how our system needs to be adjusted. We need to decouple money and religion from political power. That should be the platform for the party succeeding the failed ones we have now. And we need to do it soon or there will be nothing left of “The American Way”.

This week I learned some stuff:

• Today is a three-fer in terms of National Holidays!!! It is NATIONAL PEPPERONI PIZZA DAY; NATIONAL FRIED RICE DAY and NATIONAL STRING CHEESE DAY!!! I love all those things and I hope you will help me celebrate these moments!

• I imagine that every one has seen the movie “Independence Day” staring Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman. I have seen it many, many times, but no matter how often I see it, the President’s speech in the back of the Humvee before the volunteer pilots go off to battle the aliens in the air, makes me cry. “We will no longer be consumed by our petty differences”. When Randy Quade’s character flies his faulty missile into the primary weapon finally bringing down the alien craft, leaving his children fatherless but very proud for the first time in their lives my tears flow again. Why do some things like this remain so emotive no matter how many times you experience them?

Website Update:
• Whoo Hoo!!!! A New Vocabulary Quiz!!!
• Week 2 for the “UJT Music Trivia Quiz” !
• This week I added some new recipes. I added a Mexican Lasagna dish that was surprisingly tasty and a Weird Sausage Kale Pasta dick too. Yum!!!

Writing, Ceramics and Painting Update:
• Last week I restarted my classes! It was good to be there even if my efforts have not been all that productive.

• Mother Nature! Like every other mother I have ever known, there is no point in arguing, she is gonna do what she is gonna do. We just have to hunker down till its over. Keep a good thought for the folks hit by storms in the Philippines, the Carolinas and Virginia this week.

Music Update:
Here is another musical smorgasbord for you to feast upon. I know that not ever dish will be your favorite but I hope you will sample it all.

Go to this week’s UJT Radio program.
• Bob Dylan — Joey — This comes from his “Desire” album released in 1976. Like his song, “Hurricane”, about Ruben Carter, this one generated a lot of controversy as it supposedly is an over eleven minute glorification of the gangster, Joey Gallo.
• James Taylor – You Can Close Your Eyes (Live) — From his 2007 release, “One Man Band”. This is just a great song buy this live version showcases not only the sweet voice of James but also his impeccable guitar skills.
• Crosby, Stills & Nash — Southern Cross — One my favorite songs written by Stephen. This version comes from a 1998 compilation album called, “Carry On”.
• Adele — Rolling in the Deep — This is just so tight! This one comes from her iconic 2011 release called, “21”. Her voice is just like candy for your ears.
• Tony Joe White — Even Trolls Love Rock and Roll — The most soulful white boy in the blues business. This one comes from his 1993 compilation album called, “ The Best of Tony Joe White”. Huh Y’all!
• John Denver — Prisoners — Oh! How I miss John’s clear singing voice and the honey sweet sound of his big ole blonde Guild guitar!! This one is a deep cut favorite of mine from his 1972 release, “Rocky Mountain High”.
• Bruce Cockburn – Wondering Where the Lions Are – Every since Jimmy Buffett introduced us, I have had a special warm place in my heart for Bruce Cockburn’s music. This is a deep cut from his, “Anything, Anytime, Anywhere” released in 2002.
• Donald Fagen — Slinky Thing — From the Vinyl!!!! From his last solo album, “Sunken Condos” released in 2012. Oh just your typical heaping pile of tight Donald Fagan Jazz Music.

That’s it… Do the best you can; Laugh every chance you get; And always remember … The best is yet to come!

As always, thank you for being my friend!

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