November 21st, 2019

“राम राम (raam roam)” or “Good Morning” in Bhojpuri, a Bihari language spoken mainly in parts of north-central and eastern India

This week’s progress on the back yard projects has been rather slow. Yes, I said “projects” because after the bamboo was removed, I realized that there was a lot of fence mending to be done as well as building the new grill island. I also realized that squatting on my haunches to screw in the replacements for lower cross members on the cedar fences that had been eaten by the bamboo was an 30 second option for me before my knees started feeling like child birth. God! It truly does sucketh to get old!!! I have prepared the seven replacement cross members for my grandson to screw in for me when he has a chance. We got some rain this week so it may be the weekend before the fence is full repaired. I have obtained all of the materials for the island and cut most of the wood for assembly when the weather clears. Progressing at at glacial pace when compared to what I would have done by this time when I was 20ish.

I mentioned last week that I was preparing early for Christmas because we are spending Christmas with our son and his family in TX this year. Well, I managed to screw up one online order and had all of the items sent to TX. Much to the surprise of my unsuspecting son and his wife. I am not sure if the kids saw some of the presents or not but Sean is sending it to me in CA as intended. And so it goes.

This week I learned some stuff:
• I learned how to apply tile in the context of my new Barbecue island. I made some more tweaks to my original design that i think will be really cool.
• November 21st is the 325th day of the year (only 34 days till Christmas!). On this day in 1620, the Plymouth Colony settlers sign the Mayflower Compact; Thomas Edison announces his invention of the phonograph, a machine that can record and play sound in 1877; in 1902, Albert Einstein’s paper that leads to the mass–energy equivalence formula, E = mc², is published in the journal Annalen der Physik; The United Auto Workers strike 92 General Motors plants in 50 cities to back up worker demands for a 30-percent raise in 1945; 1967, American General William Westmoreland tells news reporters: “I am absolutely certain that whereas in 1965 the enemy was winning, today he is certainly losing.”; in 1986, National Security Council member Oliver North and his secretary start to shred documents allegedly implicating them in the Iran–Contra affair; in 1694, Voltaire, French historian, playwright, and philosopher who promoted free speech and freedom of religion was born; Stan Musial, American baseball player and manager was born in 1920; Goldie Hawn, American actress, singer and producer was born in 1945; In 1993, we lost the star of Our Favorite Martian and the the original Incredible Hulk, Bill Bixby; In 2017, David Cassidy, the cute boy who played Keith Partridge on the Partridge Family, left the stage for the las time.

Website Update:
• A “New” Vocabulary Quiz! !! Yeah!!!!
• Week two for the “New” Music Trivia Quiz.
• I was inspired to come up with some new tasty delights for you all this week. With out a working grill and with a hankering for sweet Tri-tip Roast, I came up with a slow cooker version that was delightful!

Writing, Ceramics and Painting Update:
• I glazed my house sign. Unfortunately, I mistook really dry clay for first fired clay (bisque) and subsequently glazed the thing too early. It might be ok but I have to fire it in 2 steps – low temp then high temp. It still may end up in the trash but not yet. I also worked on this funky little pentagon box.
• Grandpa Stories is still not re-published.

• This week I had a headhunter contact me about a job. If nothing else, it felt good to feel desirable professionally for a bit. I sent him an updated resume and would dearly love to get a new mission in life. Please don’t misunderstand, I love painting, writing, ceramics and doing the UJT update with music and creating new recipes for your consideration. But it is not the same as really making a difference or adding value. I am not good enough at any of those things to matter but when I was leading a team to accomplish important milestones on time and under budget.. well that is what has floated my boat for more years that I care to remember. To do that again ..would be fun.

Music Update:

This week, having hosed the UJT Radio update for last week will carry last week’s selections until November 28th. Sorry.

Go to this week’s UJT Radio program.
• Johnny A — The Wind Cries Mary — Happy Birthday to Johnny A!!! I had no idea that he was my age.
• Dead & Company – Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door — John Mayer was a wonderful fit for band. They have been touring non-stop since 2015 and produced a number of live concert albums.
• Bob Dylan —A Hard Rain is Gonna Fall — This one hails from the iconic, “Pet Sounds” album released in 1966. This had to be the most introspective song on AM radio ever to that point.
• Bob Marley and the Wailers – Could You Be Loved – This one comes to us from their , “Uprising” album released in 1980.
• Boxing Gandhis — Piece the Valley — This is a song about quiet desperation. About a soul who gets lost with a gun. I thought of this song as I was recalling the tragedy in Las Vegas. This one should be listened to closely. This is a deeper cut from their album,”Howard” released in 1996
• Bob Schneider — Bullets — This is a very tight piece. Bob channels his inner Wolfman Jack on the vocals and the horns just work. This one is from his 2001 release, “Lonelyland”.
• Bobby McFerrin — Don’t Worry, Be Happy— From his, “Simple Pleasures” released in 1988. It kind of infectious. I cannot help but smile whenever I hear this song.

That’s it… Do the best you can;  Laugh every chance you get;  And always remember …  The best is yet to come!  As always, thank you for being my friend!