September 12th, 2019 – New Vocabulary Words

The key is at the bottom of the page… but don’t cheat

The Words:

1. acajou
2. macerate
3. wadmol
4. haboob
5. faile
6. quern
7. vakeel
8. tamarau
9. cack
10. tantara


A. a thick dust storm or sandstorm that blows in the deserts of North Africa and Arabia or on the plains of India.
B. to soften or decompose into parts by solvent or liquid
C. a soft-soled, heelless shoe for infants.
D. a primitive, hand-operated mill for grinding grain.
E. a small wild buffalo, Bubalus (Anoa) mindorensis, of Mindoro in the Philippines, having thick, brown hair and short, massive horns.
F. a blast of a trumpet or horn
G. the wood of any of several species of mahogany
H. a native lawyer
I. a soft, transversely ribbed fabric of silk, rayon, or lightweight taffeta.
J. a bulky woolen fabric made of course yarn















1. G (i,e. Her skin seemed to glow with the color of acajou .)
2. B (i.e. When examined, the compound had macerated the the o-rings comprising the seal )
3. J (i.e. He beat at the fire with a wadmol blanket until it caught.)
4. A (i.e. Slowly the caravan emerged from the haboob to everyone’s astonishment.)
5. I (i.e. The queen’s gown of faille. radiated both color and texture. )
6. D (i.e. The antique dealer was killed by the blow to his head by a quern.)
7. H (i.e. It was clear, they only trusted the vakeel from their village.)
8. E (i.e. He supported his family carving tamaraus for tourists in the marketplace.)
9. C (i,e. As he cried, the baby ran his little cack covered feet like he was running a marathon in the air.)
10. F (i.e Her sneezes reverberated through the halls like Gabriel’s tantara.)