June 29th, 2021 – New Vocabulary Words

The key is at the bottom of the page… but don’t cheat

The Words:

1. quean
2. eunoia
3. groak
4. kalon
5. basorexia
6. aeolist
7. quaquaversal
8. fescennine
9. kef
10. cafuné



A. beauty that is more than skin deep
B. beautiful thinking; a well mind
C. drowsy contentment
D. a pompous person who only pretends to have inspiration or spiritual insight
E. lewd or obscene
F. running your fingers through a lovers hair
G. a woman of bad character
H. moving or happening in every direction simultaneously
I. the overwhelming desire to kiss
J. to stare longingly at someone who is eating in the hope that they will ask you to join them














1. G (i.e. Her Majesty, the quean! (As long as it is spoke she will never know.)
2. B (i.e. Her aunoia permeated us all.)
3. J (i.e. She ate slowly so my groak was prolonged.)
4. A (i.e. My friend Marsha is the very definition of salon.)
5. I (i.e. Every time I see her waves of basorexia wash over me.)
6. D (i.e. The former president’s likeness should be used in the dictionary under aeolist.)
7. H (i.e. Corona19 seems to spread quaquaversally.)
8. E (i.e. The discussion started civilly but some was reduced to fescennine combat.)
9. C (i.e. The taste of the single malt, my cuban stogie and the sounds of the waterfall put me in a deep kef. )
10. F (i.e Almost at once, he was lost in his cafuné of her soft red locks staring off into space.)