August 4th, 2022 – New Vocabulary Words

The key is at the bottom of the page… but don’t cheat

The Words:

1. onanist
2. arcipluvian
3. secaturs
4. plenipotentiary
5. clavicytherium
6. zeitgeist
7. riposte
8. avenir
9. verdant
10. contrapuntal



A. invested with or conferring full powers.
B. bright and colorful like a rainbow
C. deeply green
D. the spirit of the age; the taste, outlook, and spirit characteristic of a period.
E. a geometric sans-serif typeface
F. pertaining to, or according to the rules of, counterpoint.
G. a man who uses coitus interruptus as a means of birth control
H. a retaliatory action, maneuver, or retort
I. a harpsichord with it’s soundboard and strings mounted vertically
J. a gardening tool that is used to cut or prune plants













The Key:

1. G (i.e. His perpetually angry spouse, kept muttering, “Damned Onanist!” )
2. B (i.e. Though blind, his descriptions of the world around him were impressively arcipluvian.)
3. J (i.e. I didn’t like the look in her eye as she gestured with her secaturs .)
4. A (i.e. I believe that he failed in his plenipotentiary on January 6th.)
5 i (i.e The music was wonderful and it was the first time I had heard a clavicytherium.)
6. D (i.e. He operated his farm within the dictates of a 1960s zeitgeist.)
7. H (i.e. Her customary riposte will lack luster or missing all together.)
8. E (i.e. Although attractive her notes were printed in a decorative avenir that was distracting. )
9. C (i.e. Each year the climate seems lest verdant and wildlife less abundant. )
10. F (i.e She never failed to trap her debating opponent in contrapuntal discourse. )