June 23rd, 2022 – New Vocabulary Words

The key is at the bottom of the page… but don’t cheat

The Words:

1. odalisque
2. salubrious
3. madrigal
4. atavistic
5. sarcophagy
6. invigilate
7. dystopian
8. spuddle
9. nepenthe
10. saquinavir



A. displaying characteristics of a previous cultural era
B. favorable or promotion of well being or good health
C. something that induces forgetfulness of sorrow or eases pain
D. to keep watch over examination candidates
E. to make a lot of fuss about trivial things, as if it were important
F. a weak protease inhibitor used in treating HIV
G. chambermaid or female attendant
H. dire; grim
I. the practice of eating flesh
J. a polymorphic musical composition using vernacular lyrical text














1. G (i.e.The GOP flitters around the NRA as if they are attending odalisques. )
2. B (i.e. So corrupted by corporate and NRA funding, legislators actually consider the current feeble congressional gun control efforts to be salubrious as opposed completely inadequate.)
3. J (i.e. The jazz trio playing madrigals in the background completed the scene.)
4. A (i.e. I loved John Houseman in 2L His superiority and atavistic application of the Socratic method was perfect for the role.)
5 i (i.e Today, pathologists employ insects in sarcophagy to remove flesh from bone for evidentiary purposes. )
6. D (i.e. I could feel her eyes upon me, like some overbearing invigilate proctor. )
7. H (i.e. I can never spend much time within the dystopian cloud she perfected around her. It was too depressing for me.)
8. E (i.e. The GOP promotes their spuddle on abortion while our children are murdered by the guns that they so ardently protect. )
9. C (i.e. After the funeral her presence was like a nepenthe potion to me. )
10. F (i.e The saquinavir treatment was having the desired effect. )