April 11th, 2019 – New Vocabulary Words

The key is at the bottom of the page… but don’t cheat

The Words:

1. plumbeous
2. palimpsest
3. fantods
4. facetiae
5. regina
6. voluble
7. sirenic
8. decoct
9. catamount
10. feckless


A. humorous or witty sayings or writings
B. a manuscript or piece of writing material on which the original writing has been effaced to make room for later writing but of which traces remain
C. a medium-sized or large wild cat, such as a cougar or mountain lion or lynx
D. talking fluently, readily, or incessantly
E. trick or deceive; obtain my deception
F. weak, ineffective; worthless, irresponsible
G. resembling or containing lead; leaden
H. melodious, alluring, deceptive
I. queen
J. a state or attack of uneasiness or unreasonableness















1. G (i,e. After the race, his entire being was plumbeous.)
2. B (i.e. The greater part of the palimpsest has been deciphered and the text is now complete.)
3. J (i.e. He was completely lost in his fantod and could not let it go.)
4. A (i.e. The train ride was a treat due entirely to my companion’s facetiae .)
5. I (i.e. She conducted her business as regina presiding over her minions. )
6. D (i.e. The voluble nature of my isle seat companion made sleep impossible.)
7. H (i.e. As she read the children’s bedtime story, I was struck by how sirenic her voice.)
8. E (i.e. Her ability to sort through and then decoct the key elements of the problem was impressive.)
9. C (i,e. The woman worked the crowd like a catamount seek her prey.)
10. F (i.e In a word, describe our current president, “ Feckless” .)