January 4, 2018 – New Vocabulary Words

Match the word to its definition and note the number and letter for each of your selections. When you have matched all 10 words to the correct definition letters, compare your selections to the key at the bottom of the page. 

The key is at the bottom of the page but don’t look till you finish!

The Words: 

  1. insaturation
  2. bedizen
  3. pinguid
  4. propine
  5. brumal
  6. floculent
  7. bagatelle
  8. claque
  9. attenuate
  10. deipnosophist


The Definition Choices:

A  to give or offer as a present
B.  like a lump or tuft of wool;covered in a soft wooly substance;
C.  to weaken or reduce in force, intensity, effect or quantity or value; to make thin, slender or fine
D.  to dress or adorn in a gaudy or tasteless manner
E.  a group paid to applaud at a performance, a group of sycophants
F.  a person with excellent dinner table conversation skills
G.  renewal, restoration, renovation, repair; obsolete, an act off instituting something, establishment
H.  something of little value, a trifle
I.    wintry
J.    fat;oily














The Key:

  1. G (i.e. His insaturation of the new procurement process though painful was effective. )
  2. D (i,e. Her poodle was bedizen in her knitted and bejeweled vest and collar.)
  3. J (i.e. The pinguid nature of his demeanor made dealings with him unsettling. )
  4. A (i.e. With a small smile, the child offered the cake propine.)
  5. I (i.e. It came from the north, like a huge brumal wave freezing everything in its path.)
  6. B (i.e. His bald head was surrounded by soft flocculent whiteness, making it gleam brighter.)
  7. H (i.e. The silvery trinket was simply a bagatelle that would impress a child. )
  8. E (i.e. He was ashamed to be member of a claque.)
  9. C (i,e. His silence attenuated the magnitude of his failure but nonetheless, he felt ashamed.)
  10. F (i.e Her reputation as a deipnosophist was legendary, )