August 10, 2017 – New Vocabulary Words

The key is at the bottom of the page but don’t cheat !

The Words: 

  1.  paladin
  2. anoesis
  3. ergate
  4. dorp
  5. membranophone
  6. ballon
  7. autarky
  8. tarn
  9. phlegethon
  10. Ilex


The Definition Choices:

  1.  a village or a hamlet
  2.  the condition of self-sufficiency, especially economic, as applied to a nation; a national policy of economic independence
  3.   a stream of fiery light; a river of fire, one of five rivers surrounding Hades
  4.   any determined advocate or defender of a noble cause
  5.   a small mountain lake or pool, especially one in a cirque
  6.   the lightness and grace of movement that make a dancer appear buoyant  
  7.   a worker ant
  8.   holly
  9.   any musical instrument, as a drum, in which the sound is produced by striking, rubbing, or blowing against a membrane stretched over a frame  
  10.   state of mind consisting of pure sensation or emotion without cognitive content














The Key:

  1. D (i.e. When she looked up, she recognized the paladin who stood between her and those that would hurt her.)
  2. J (i,e. There was no thought, only the ice cold horror of anoesis that forced me to stoop with the burden of loss.)
  3. G (i.e. As I watched their procession, the ergates ignored me with a smugness only an ant could muster. )
  4. A (i.e. My home was a completely forgettable drop near a road, not even on it. )
  5. I (i.e. The effect of the broken truss hitting the side of building was that of a membranophone that shook us all with a deep timbre.)
  6. F (i.e. His brush floated across the canvass as a ballon leaving color, darkness and light as it danced .)
  7. B (i.e. Given its resources, the US is a perfect candidate for an autarky. )
  8. E (i.e. After the long hike, a dip in the icy tarn cured all aches and woes.)
  9. C (i,e. The words, once spoken aloud, were like a phlegethon that cut through all presence and pretend.)
  10. H (i.e He felt only the scratches of the ilex as he ran through the frigid woods.)