November 9th, 2023 

“ Dobroho ranku”, or “Good Morning!” in Ukrainian, an Eastern Slavic language spoken mainly in Ukraine.  I have decided that the UJT will remain focused on Ukraine until we can all rejoice at the end of hostilities.  It has been 616 days since Russia invaded Ukraine.

This week I learned some stuff:

    • The contractor made his estimate but hasn’t heard from the adjustor yet so we are waiting.
    • It’s an adjustment working from 7:30 to 5:30 every day! I don’t know how I got anything done before I retired.
    • November 9th is the  313th day of 2023. Just 46 days till Christmas.  Due to my commitment to supporting the voter polls, I do not have the time to capture interesting historical facts, birthdays, and the passing of memorable individuals for you all this week. You can find the w data here.
    • I am using the downtime at the polls to read Ryan White’s Jimmy Buffett biography, work on some new recipes, finish the paper edits on Grandpa Stories, and a bunch of watercolor sketches. It’s been a productive time. But I am looking forward to getting back on my to-do list.

This week’s Website Update:

    • I am continuing this week as a 2023 poll worker. It is still pretty slow!  I am doing a bit of poetry, sketching, painting, listening to music, and the new book by Robert Galbraith (AKA J.K. Rowling) “The Ink Black Heart”. Also this week the rest of Jimmy Buffet’s Bubbles Up was released on iTunes. I think it is another great album by one of my favs. I miss JB a lot. I am almost done with his biography by Ryan White too, “ Jimmy Buffett: A Good Life All the Way”.
    • Another side benefit of working the polls is that I explore recipes on the net. I have tried two new casseroles – Progis and Ravioli and an Eyetalian Meat Pie for you and posted them.
    • The Home Page quote for this week’s wisdom is from Roy T. Bennett the author of  “The Light in the Heart”: “ A smart person knows what to say. A wise person knows whether or not to say it.

Writing, Ceramics, Bonsai Trees, Stained Glass, and Painting Update:  

    • No classes this week – no paintings or ceramics done.
    • Stained glass project design done… again!
    • GPS Paper edit finished. Start electronic media update on 11/8/2023


    • It feels almost dishonest. I am getting paid to be in place should a voter decide to cast their vote before election day. So far we have processed 8 in 5 days. On the last day, election day, we had maybe 100 people vote. Oh well.
    • I have been a JB fan since before I was married (that is over 50 years!). I thought I knew him through his music and in a sense I did but not as well as I thought. JB had a lot of fans but he was in no way a musical success in the sense of the Stones, or Beatles, or even the Commodores. He has had no number-one hits or even the top 5. Some of that is timing. Margaritaville was released at the same time as Hotel California for example. Jimmy’s success was more like another favorite of mine, The Grateful Dead. He has a following but instead of Deadheads, he had Parrotheads and in time their Parakeets. I am reading a great biography by Ryan White called, “Jimmy Buffett, A Good Life All the Way. I was kind of shocked by 3 things. First, Jimmy and I shared a lot of geography together. We were both in the same cities at the same time many times. I was near Criteria Studios in Miami (picking up a Bar Mirror, I won in a PBS auction) at the same time JB was recording, Changes In Latitudes and the Eagles were recording Hotel California. His boat, the good ship Euphoria was anchored in Dinner Key. He was recording “Son of a Sailor” Bashore when I was doing my bit Recording for the Blind next door. He was also in St Martin and St. Barts roughly when I was there.  Of course, I believe I have seen him in concert in 4-5 different states and cities over the years too. The second thing that surprised me was who his friends were. Many of my favorite people appear to be JB buddies. James Taylor, Dan Fogelberg, Roy Orbison and Glen Frey to name a few. Bono and his family were flying into Jamaica in Jimmy’s 1954 Albatros Seaplane when the Jamaican authorities fired on them thinking they were drug smugglers. He also was friends with Jimmy Carter (his roadies smoked a joint in the john off the Oval Office when Jimmy visited Jimmy in the White House. Anyway, the last coincidental parallel in our lives is his relationship with Jane. They were not married as long as I have been, but she was the love of his life. They separated for about 6 years till they figured that out. It took me 2 times but about the same duration to do it in my marriage. There are a couple of other parallels that I have fished out this biography though that is not why I was reading it. Jimmy seemed like the non-stop balls-to-the-walls party dude but that’s not all there is. He also worked as hard as anyone else in his life and paid attention to the details that ultimately resulted in much of his wealth and success. I have had a time or two and have always been willing to work for what I was going for too. For the most part, Jimmy lived his life true to himself and accidentally found happiness and success. That’s Good Life All The Way.

Music Update:  

Here is a new batch of music for you to try out. They released the rest of the new Jimmy Buffet album on iTunes this week. I listened to it at the voting center. I don’t think anyone noticed the tears. All of this week’s selections are from, “Equal Strain on All Parts”.

This week’s UJT Radio Program:

    • Jimmy Buffett – My Gummy Just Kicked In —This one made me smile.  But it was a sad smile because I will miss his unique songwriting. 
    • Jimmy Buffett  – Like My Dog   — I think everyone wants to be loved like this.
    • Jimmy Buffett –  Close Calls  – I have had my share. To be honest, once I am past it and down the road a bit, I seldom think about how close I came to disaster. I guess if I did I might not do and enjoy half the crazy shit I have done.
    • Jimmy Buffett – Audience of One — I so wish I had heard this song when I was 22 and got my first guitar. I shared my fears about being heard as I attempted to create the music that I love. 
    • Jimmy Buffett – University Of Bourbon Street (feat. Preservation Hall Jazz Band) – This is just an old-fashioned New Orleans celebration that you might hear as a funeral procession.  A celebration of life. … “A muffelletta .. “ made me hungry. I love the horns!
    • Jimmy Buffett    Nobody Works on Friday  This one reminds me of early liberty during stand down after coming from a cruise when I was in the Navy.
    • Jimmy Buffett  – Equal Strain on All Parts — I love the guitar work on this one. I hope my grandkids think of me when I am gone.
    • Jimmy Buffett  – Columbus   This is a love song for life. I hope we all live lives that we will miss when they are over.
    • Jimmy Buffett  – Portugal Or PEI (feat. Lennie Gallant & Will Kimbrough) — Just a crazy man’s travel log.
    • Jimmy Buffett  – Mozambique — Jimmy does a great job covering one of my favorite Bob Dylan songs.
    • Jimmy Buffett  – Ti Punch Café (feat. Angelique Kidjo) — Caribbean fantasy complete with Steel Drums.
    • Jimmy Buffett  – Johnny;’s Rhum — A sad ballad about heavenly players – Johnny Holiday – A French Elvis?.
    • Jimmy Buffett  – Fish Porn — A good time song! I love the guitars.
    • Jimmy Buffett  – Bubbles Up  — Sing me off, Jimmy!!! This is just a great song! Made me cry.

That’s it… Do the best you can; Laugh every chance you get; Always remember… The best is yet to come! As always, thank you for being my friend!