Bad Boy Breakfast Sliders

This one was inspired by a FB post that I adjusted significantly. I am a big fan of breakfast anytime.









1 12 pack Haiwian rolls

6 rashers of good bacon, cooked crispy

1 cup each grated cheddar and pepper jack

1/2 cup tamed Jalapeño, roughly chopped

1 tsp Everything but the bagel spice

6 soft scrambled eggs

1 small onion, sliced thin

1 poblano pepper sliced thin

4 Tsp Maple Syrup divided (one tsp for brushing and the rest for dipping

2 Tbs I Can’t Believe it is Butter

Salt (substitute) and pepper to taste


  1. Preheat oven to 350
  2. Cut the loaf of rolls in half and place on a parchment paper-covered baking sheet. Separate 2 non-dairy buns from the rest.
  3. Sprinkle all the bottoms with 1/2 the cheese combination. Check to be sure no cheese got on the reserved buns.
  4. In a large frying pan or griddle, fry bacon strips crispy and set aside to drain on paper towels. Reserve 1 tsp of bacon grease for cooking onions and peppers.
  5. Sauté onions and peppers in the bacon fat until limp.
  6. Add onion and peppers to all buns
  7. Add soft scrambled eggs to all buns and cover with Tamed Jalapeños
  8. Add bacon across all buns
  9. Cover all except the reserved buns with the rest of the cheese mix. Check to make sure no cheese got on to those buns.
  10. Melt butter substitute and warm 1 tsp of maple syrup.,
  11. Replace bum tops. Brush all bun tops with maple syrup mixture and sprinkle with Everything but the Bagel spice. Place toothpicks to mark non-dairy buns.
  12. Bake on the middle rack for 15 minutes.
  13. Remove buns and divide into individual sliders

Serve sliders with maple syrup on the side for dipping. Yum!