Captain Ron 

Captain Ron was a movie released in 1992 staring Kurt Russell and Martin Short. I think this movie is one of the best all time good time movies ever produced. It has everything that a young smart boy like me would want in a movie!!! Its the story of a boat,  the family who owns her and a magical being – their trusty Captain Ron. The boat is an inheritance from a long lost uncle who died on the boat somewhere called Pom de Terre which is an islands not too far from St. Croix and Ted’s. 

Their adventure begins in the city and takes Martin Harvey, his lovely wife, Katherine, their 16 year old Caroline and young 11 year old Ben to the Caribbean where they meet Captain Ron. They are just looking for an adventurous vacation and they get it and a whole lot more.

This movie was written by David Permut and John Dwyer and directed by Thom Eberhart. It is a beautiful. hilarious and touching story that deep down in side is the adventure most young boys dream about a lot once they reach middle age. The writing is as superb as the casting. Martin Short and Kurt Russel do amazing things together in this movie!! This is one of those movies where you discover more each time you watch it.  I think Captain Ron should be required viewing to get into the Navy, or  college or traffic school:) Click Here to see the HD trailer for the movie from 1992.



The Wanderer is a 51 foot ketch that started out lookinglike the photo on the left and by theend of the movie, she is the dream boat you see on the right. All during the story, Captain Ronis teaching the Harveys about boats by fixing up the Wanderer. Its a great story and a great boat!!! Enjoy! 


Don’t Wait!!! 

You can rent Captain Ron on virtually every streaming service.