Nut Clusters 

I was feeling crappy. Just sitting on the couch surrounded by meds, tissues, and cats when this YouTube came on how to make these things. It gave me hope. So when I was feeling better, I made them. And they were good.








1 cup roasted peanuts

1 cup almonds

1 cup pecans

I bag semi-sweet chocolate chip

1 bag Reeses baking chips

1 bar white chocolate

1 bar dark chocolate


  1. Load nuts into crockpot.
  2. Add chocolate chips, Reeseā€™s chips, white and dark chocolate bars
  3. Cover and turn to high
  4. When all the chocolate has melted
  5. Spoon portions onto parchment paper-covered cookie sheets
  6. Allow clusters to cool and harden.
  7. Store in fridge