The PHs, EEs and Their World


There once and always was a world where there were only two kinds of people. The Pretty Handsomes and the Everybody Elses. Everyone was born one way or the other. Both kinds of people had to live in a world that was perfect in every way. It was never too cold or too hot. It was daytime just long enough to make nighttime perfect when it came. Winter was long enough to air out the coats and try out all the new scarves and gloves. Spring was in slow motion except for the serious business of flower blooming. Often people would plan parties around watching the plants in their yards bloom Fall was vivid and felt like listening to a long intro to the important business of getting out the winter wardrobe. Living on a planet of mostly water, the people swam in the rivers, lakes and oceans but no one got too wet. All of the animals were friendly and great listeners. People would invite the animals to the flower bloom parties and the winter fashion shows that made the cold weather worth it for everyone. The world was perfect and required hard work to stay that way.

Pretty Handsomes, or PHs as they were known, were born with all these attractive features .They had pretty eyes, and hair. They were slim but not skinny not too tall but tall enough. Sometimes just seeing the PHs made other people smile without doing a thing.

Everybody Elses or EEs had the kind of attractive features that you could not find at a glance. They were smart, funny, talented and special in ways that one could not see from a distance. Above all the EEs were helpful and friendly, if they had half a chance. 

The world they live in tried to always find balance. The world struggled to make enough love to keep the temperature right, make sure that day lasted long enough to make nighttime special and keep the water from being too wet. The animals helped by being such good listeners, loving PHs, EEs and each other all the same and with all their hearts. It was this love made from all of the PHs, EEs and animals being able to live together that made the world work.

Of course, PHs could settle for just being attractive and expect the way they were appreciated without giving back their help or smiles or friendliness. For their part, the EEs could figure out ways to be clever and accomplish things that gave them more than others without any thought to sharing. If we only thought of our selves we might think we had enough. 

The world turned in balance because the PHs found ways to be more like EEs and the EEs found ways to share the things that made them special. Everyone tried to be as good as listener as the animals.  EEs and PHs all knew that the world was perfect. So it was up to them to build the love and respect for each other to make the world work for everyone.

From the time that they were just phs, the PHs learned that being attractive was not enough to build the love the world needed.  They needed to be more like the EEs. 

Brand new ees learned that being smart and funny is only smart and funny if everyone can laugh and smile together. So they never made fun of anyone or their beliefs. Very young EEs also learned that their kind of attractiveness worked best when they were closer to people. EEs got closer to people by being helpful and respectful. 

EEs and PHs leaned that there was only so much world, animals and water that wasn’t all that wet.  Young ees and phs learned and shared that we had to cherish those things that could never be more of and use them sparingly…always and forever. 

It is not easy being a PH or a EE but if they worked hard, every PH and EE could be the best PH and EE that there ever was. They could live in a world kept perfect by love in balance, swim without getting too wet and enjoy how friendly the animals are whenever they wanted to, together, forever. 

The End