The 09/07/2017 UJT Update included the following:

• It’s A Beautiful Day — White Bird — This one has been featured before on UJT Radio but not for awhile. After hearing “Get Together” by The YoungBloods, I was feeling nostalgic a bit. I hope you enjoy this aged blast from their debut self titled album from 1969. This is a song written by the band when they were trapped by a cheap-ass manager in an attic subsisting on a paltry food allowance for an entire cold Seattle winter. They were birds trapped in an attic. The violin player created the name David LaFlame to protect his classical musician profession from the damage if the symphony found out he played rock music as well. His real name was David Posie and he was tragically killed in an automobile accident in 1989 at 40 years of age.


It turns out that David LaFlame is alive and well as evidenced by this interesting  interview  posted in Artists News on July 28th, 2016. I want to thank the faithful UJT Reader for letting me know. 

I try to provide additional insight with the music samples I post. I find some interesting (to me at least) factoids about the artists or the song I share. I do extraordinary,  deep dive, research (google search first page only) to find these nuggets of interests.  On this occasion, I learned that some times the stuff you can find on the internet, might just not be entirely true.  I tried to retrace my steps to located the errant article and failed to find or correct it. But I can correct here.