January 17th, 2019

“Iуьйре дика йойла (Jüyre dika yoyla)” Wishing all a fine “Good Morning” in Chechen, a North East Caucasian language spoken mainly in Chechnya in the Russian Federation. .

We are finally getting our winter rains not a lot but some. I actually love nasty wet weather. Its great for baking and other savory pleasure like the reading of good books. As a teen in Miami, the heavens would open for most of what other people living in other places called winter. in those months of the year, it seemed we were either getting wet or getting dry after being wet So here’s to several dandy thunderstorms putting on a show that fills the reservoirs!!

Thanks to my daughter I have a new addiction! She handed me her phone one day and said, “Here, play this while I do something else for awhile.” Being a dummy I did and when she pried her phone from my grasping fingers I was able to wait.. ..oh I’d say at least 5 to 7 minutes before I downloaded “Wordscape” from the Apps Store. It a endless set of find the word puzzles with cutesy tournaments and encouragements. It is a fabulous way to get through the commercials watching TV or waiting in Emergency Rooms. Check it out .. for now at least its free:)

This week I learned some stuff:

• This week I lost one of my heroes. Jeff Heller was quiet, humble giant of a gentleman. He inspired thousands with his quiet courageous leadership. I only met him twice in my long career at EDS, just before I retired. Once was a working session and the last time I saw Jeff, it was the celebration of closing the P232 contract extension on the NMCI account. Jeff and Mike Koehler handed me my clock:). If you have a spare hour or so, go to Jeff’s obituary page and read the tributes and condolences this very special man inspired. RIP Jeff and thank you for all you did for those of us lucky enough to have followed you.
• We celebrate NATIONAL BOOTLEGGERS DAY on January 17th!!! When Prohibition outlawed the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages on January 17, 1920, many enterprising residents of a small town in Iowa chose to become outlaws – producing a high-caliber and much sought-after whiskey known as TEMPLETON RYE, or “THE GOOD STUFF” to those in the know.

Website Update:
• Last week for our “New” Vocabulary Quiz.
• New UJT Music Trivia Quiz!!!

Writing, Ceramics and Painting Update:
• School is back in session and I really enjoyed getting back to my class. I a working a new Flamingo project in Ceramics.
• Grandpa Stories is still not re-published.


• My mom would have been 89 years old this week. I miss her a lot. My dad and brother too. It is so weird being the only one left out of that little group. I am lucky though, my step mom Sandee is roaring along quite beautifully at 81(I think) and I have my steplings (Donna, Mike and Doots). But on birthdays you feel the pinch of living longer than those you started out with. Thanks Mom!
• I think that getting sick is about the weirdest thing that there is. I mean if you fall down and get cut or bruised there is a easy to understand cause and effect deal. But when you are bopping along and suddenly your shit ain’t working right.. well thats just rude. My granddaughter is a least the princess of communicable disease capture this year ( I think its the unhealthy hanging out at college thing) but her brother and both mom and uncles have been laid low by various forms of the crud. I have been pretty lucky for the past several years (took my flu shots) until now. I know where and how I got it but it doesn’t seem to help. Word to the wise… Be ready to die if you go to a hospital.. those places are infested with a wide variety of nasty bugs that will get you.
• I don’t know if I told you but I got a cool present for my car this Christmas. I had never seen a magnetic bumper sticker before! Set inside a paw print, mine says, “My dog is smarter than the President”. So far, no one has taken any shots at me.

Music Update:

Go to this week’s UJT Radio program.

• Prince — When Doves Cry — A great tune by a very interesting musician and man. From this “The Very Best of Prince” released in 2001.
• Crosby Still, Nash & Young — Woodstock — This one comes from their “Deja Vu” album that was released in 1970.
• Tedeschi Trucks Band — Simple Things — This come from their, “Relevator” album released in 2011.
• Beatles — Wait — One of my favs when I was still hoping pimples. This one comes from their turning point album, “Rubber Soul” released in 1965.
• Bruce Springsteen – Nothing Man – A deep cut from his very naked self examination album, “The Rising” released in 2002.
• Carl Verheyen Band — New Year’s Day — This is just a very tight blues tune that just makes me smile. From their, “Road Divides” album, released in 2011.
• The Lumineers — Submarines — This is a fun song from their first album, “The Lumineers” released in 2012. It was featured about a year ago on UJT Radio and I figured it was time.
• Daughtry — Life After You — This one came up on rotation and caught me by surprise. I LOVE that line, “.. All that I am after is a life full of laughter…”. This one comes from their, “Leave This Town” album released in 2009.

Did you think about the invitees to your deserted island? Tough call huh?

That’s it… Do the best you can;  Laugh every chance you get;  And always remember …  The best is yet to come!

As always, thank you for being my friend!