February 5th, 2016

Уипчэдыжь шІу! ( Good Morning to you!! as a person from Republic of Adygea in the Russian Federation might wish you)

Ten years ago, between the dark night of February 5th and before the dawn of February 6th, my mom took her last breath in deep sleep. We had set up in my dinning room for her last days. I couldn’t sleep and was awake and working in my office when the night nurse told me she had passed and my world lost some of its luster. Each year at this time, we remember all the good things that she brought to our party and the gifts she gave me so freely. I love the tears that come when I think about how much I still miss her. Thanks Mom!

This week I learned some stuff:

I was looking for something on my trusty mini-mac and found a bunch of duplicate files. After spending an hour so hunting and pecking through the duplicate photos, I decided to see if there was an automated solution available. I found a product called, “Macpaw Gemini” and ran it against my hard drive (a 1 TB drive) and it found over 22+ GBs of duplicate files and folder!!! Boy Howdy! I would love to get some software to remove all of the duplicate fat old guy cells I have in my body!

Website Update
Last week for the “New” Vocabulary Quiz!! I got some feedback about some of my definitions not being as complete as they could be. This error caused one of our readers who knew one meaning to miss that selection. Its totally my bad! Sometimes its just me or my resources that come up short on the definitions. I will continue to strive or endeavor to provide the most clear and concise definitions but in all certainty fail again from time to time:)

Painting Update:
Didn’t make progress on painting project this week.

Writing Update:
I finished another pass on GPS again. Moving out at a glacial past towards to republishing!!


The Iowa Caucus was held this week. According to the results, some people voted for Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Hillary and Bernie both won as well. Mario Rubio successfully launched his platform, “Pick me I am not a self-centered self-aggrandizing Jerk nor am I an insane Joe McCarthy impersonator, I must be a mainstream Republican! I am happy that Hillary, a woman, is a front runner in an American election for president. I am proud that our country has come to the conclusion that women can be just as formidable political hacks as men. For me anyway, the most impressive showing in Iowa was made by Bernie. I never would have expected so much intelligence and character to have survived this far in this race.
As Obama begins his final year he implemented another significant change in American policy. Our armed forces joined a multitude of other countries around the world who have authorized the killing of young women in combat as well. I think President Obama is correct and fair in ensuring that women are not denied any opportunity available to men but in my heart, I wish they might have gotten this one after I had died. Perhaps we could have fixed the income gap first??! Because, unlike so many other countries out there with women in combat roles, we seem to send our young people into harms way a lot.

Music Update:
My USB Turntable is currently rejecting a new release of a Audacity software and proved to be to great a technical challenge for this old computer biz overhead weenie to overcome in order to bring you new new Venice music from my serial numbered vinyl this week but we have some rainy days coming. Still this is a good mix for your Friday:  

James Taylor – Never Die Young — There is just something sweet about James voice that always comforts me and makes me smile. This particular cut is special for its own reasons..’not enough tough in this town’…

Jethro Tull – Cross-Eyed Mary — From the Aqualung album, this one has always been a favorite. Jethro Tull always managed to pull off that interesting sweet and sour mix – Ian Anderson’s sweet flute contrasting against his strident vocals and grinding guitar and piano. It just works real well.

Shane Smith and the Saints – Dance the Night Away – Another cut from my new discovery. The more I hear these boys the more I like them. I hope you like them as well.

Sheryl Crow – Lifetimes — I featured this sweet duet between Sheryl and Sting a couple of years ago but it came up this week and made me smile that sad smile that comes when you remember someone you have loved, lost and still feel warm remembering.

Tommy Emmanuel – La Vista – Just a real pretty guitar song. Reminds me of what a leaf floating down a gentle mountain stream must be feeling as she looks up into the sky as the water carries her downstream to her next adventure.

Zephyr – Sierra Cowgirl — From the vinyl!!! This is a deep cut from their “Sunset Ride” album. Just a little band out of Boulder, CO.

Matchbox Twenty – If I Fall – These guys always make me feel their music with my whole put together. They came out of Orlando in 1995.

Michael Andrews and Gary Jules – Mad World — This is a spooky little cover of a Tears for Fears hit from the 1980s that was put together for Donnie Darko soundtrack. Micheal Andrews is a San Diego musician … lets give up for the home town boy:)

That’s it… Do the best you can; Laugh every chance you get; And always remember, the best is yet to come! 

As always, thank you for being my friend!