February 19th, 2016

Sugeng énjing! (A good morning to you in Javanese!!!)

This has been a beautiful week in San Diego !! We even got some rain …not enough but not too much at one time either.

Water is forever. We can’t make it nor can we destroy it. But we can fuck it up… make it unusable or drinkable without a lot of expensive treatment, if you know to treat it! Do you know the quality of your water, the projected quantity of your drinking water or the condition of the infrastructure that delivers it to your faucet? With the news of water problems in Detroit and Flint, I am hoping we get a wake call for evaluating our country’s ability to provide reliable clean, reasonably priced, drinking water to its citizens. I know that I am shocked with what I have learned especially in the infrastructure area. Millions of people are dependent upon piping water delivery and sewage removal systems that for most part of near or over 100 years in service without much if any programatic maintenance. Additionally, lead joints and other chemistry is leaching into our water supply to the extent that we should be actively pursue a significant overhaul of this vital system. Abundant clean water throughout the land of formerly played out oil fields as well as new sludge fields suddenly made viable by increased gas prices and low cost fracking techniques, maybe changing under our feet. What do you really know about it? Is anyone else hearing the throat clearing for corporate or political apologies we have not seen the likes of since Love Canal?? Do you really want to trust the likes of our current political leadership to be adult enough to take on something as unglamorous as water treatment and delivery systems maintenance? Find out for yourself and then Make Some Noise!

Did you see the Grammys this week? Taylor Swift won 3 or 4 awards from her 1989 album. Taylor’s “Girl Power” acceptance speech was hopefully inspirational as she certainly had earned the right to advise other young women choosing a similar path. Poor Adele’s performance was messed up by bad audio… an ill placed double mic on the piano strings … I wonder if they buried that sound guy out in Terlingua TX next to the Grassy Knoll guys and Jimmy Hoffa. On the bad new size, Rap “music” seems to be thriving still. I wish it would make like disco and just go away. I think every one is embarrassed enough now( all kidding aside, I do like both of the good rap songs that have been made!).

This week I learned some stuff:

There was a very interesting history of the Black Panthers. If you haven’t seen, try to track it down. I learned somethings that surprised me which surprised me because I genuinely distrusted almost everything the “establishment” said in those days.
Tippy and I taught our grandchildren (Darrian and Asa) how to play Cribbage last weekend. Every time I try to teach or they try to learn something I end up learning a lot. It was fun and they are great people to enjoy being around.
I mentioned I was reading John Adams’ biography and enjoying it immensely. I have often thought that I missed my true century but as a biography loving boy, I never found any historical figure I felt such a kindreds spirit as I do John Adams. His story much like mine is a love story. He loves his Abigail and family above all else but it is his love of country and finding his purpose in her service that defines the man. His love of country gives him the bravery to take on so many tasks and risks that he is ill suited for yet willing to put his life, reputation and fortune as sacrifice. I ache for his and Abigail’s long separations that helped build and sustain our fledgling country. I even adore his many flaws and foibles that he refuses to allow to limit his mission. To read of such leadership with the backdrop of today’s political side show provides a context that at once is hopeful and disheartening. Reading about John Adams now defines the character of the possible by contrast of how limited the character of the actual.

Website Update
2nd week for our new Vocabulary Quiz.

Painting Update:
Slowly, step by step, I am making my way to the paints.

Writing Update:
Re-read and edited a couple more chapters.


I am preparing to sell my guitars. My hands no longer can sustain chords and play. I was never any good but I loved the music that I did play from time to time and loved the instruments themselves. But this week I am starting to prepare them for sale perhaps to fund some bucket list adventure in the future. Its a sad time but music is too important to keep in a case year after year.
I always thought if I could get reincarnated as a dog, it would be so cool to be a fur bearing generator of unconditional love. But this week I realized what a total hell it would be for me.. to be in a world with Thin mint cookies and other lovely chocolate things and not be able to eat them … oh snap!
What could be weirder than Donald Trump spreading the gospel in South Carolina?? It’s not his politics as much as his transparent pandering to our worst fears and most self serving natures.

Music Update:
Stil struggling with my USB turntable and software, but here is a nice eclectic selection for you to ponder while I fiddle with my gagets:  

Led Zeppelin- Your Time is Gonna Come — From their first album. I remember hearing this the first time on this beautiful”stereo” cabinet the parents of the girl I was dating had placed as the showcase piece in their living room. Do you remember to the time before TVs became the centerpiece? I was mesmerized by this record and even all these years later its just magic.

Sting – Fields Of Gold — This haunting ballad always captures my attention whenever it comes up in the rotation. There is something quite hypnotizing about Sting’s gentle voice and lyrics.

Cat Stevens – On the Road to Find Out – From the vinyl!!!! This is a deep cut from his “Tea for the Tillerman” album. There was always something compelling in his lyrics and his guitar for me. I hope you will enjoy it as well.

Prince – Little Red Corvette — This was the first song that I ever heard by Prince. To be honest, I didn’t know what to think. I wasn’t sure if I liked the tune or not as it was different than anything that I had heard before. Like David Bowie and some others, he defied categorization. As time went on, I came to appreciate his unique and skillful approach to music that was uniquely his own… always.

Don Felder – Southern Bound – This maybe my favorite cut from his “Road to Forever” album. The guitar work is impeccable as you would expect by Don Felder but the entire production is very very tight in general. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Jimmy Buffett – Biloxi — This is a deep cut from his “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes” album. Its a wonderful ballot, that warms you like a southern Mississippi sun on skin salted in the Gulf. A poem of gratitude to the universe for days just like this one.

Taylor Swift – This Love – A deep cut from her Album of the Year “1989”. While I did not enjoy this record anywhere near as much as her “Red” record. This maybe my favorite cut. You hear the amazing mix of vulnerable power in her voice and lyrics. She is truly a gifted musician.

Balmorhea – Lament — This lullaby comes from this strange little ensemble that hails from Austin,Tx. A young man by the completely over used name of Rob Lowe plays the piano featured so prominently on this cut. This is another one of those songs that I can close my eyes and image being a leaf floating down a stream of cool clear water past a world that I no longer care to focus on giving up to the current carrying me to my end.

That’s it… Do the best you can; Laugh every chance you get; And always remember, the best is yet to come! 

As always, thank you for being my friend!