May 26th, 2022

“ Dobroho ranku”, or “Good Morning!” in Ukrainian, an Eastern Slavic language spoken mainly in Ukraine. I have decided to maintain the UJT will focus on Ukraine until we can all rejoice in the end of hostilities. It has been 91 days since Russia attacked Ukraine.

Our homemade root beer turned out great! I had my first brown cow in probably 3 decades last Sunday and was still smiling the next day. I was so impressed I purchased a kit for a certain grandson whose birthday in imminent.

I read something the day after that kid with a gun killed his grandma and all those kids and teachers at Robb Elementary in Texas. “The thing that breaks my heart about today’s shooting is the word, “today’s”. My heart is so heavy as I think of those terrified teachers and children. This must not continue!

This week I learned some stuff:
• May 26th is the 146th day of 2022. Just 222 days till Christmas! Today in 1847, Dred Scott is emancipated by the Blow family, his original owners; Today in 1868, the Impeachment of Andrew Johnson ends with his acquittal by one vote.; In 1896 on this day, Nicholas II becomes the last Tsar of Imperial Russia; Today in 1897, Dracula, a Gothic horror novel by Irish author Bram Stoker, is published.; In 1927 on this day, the last Ford Model T rolls off the assembly line after a production run of 15,007,003 vehicles; Today in 1938, the House Un-American Activities Committee begins its first session; Today in 1967, The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album is released; Today in 1998, Australia celebrated the first “National Sorry Day” with over 1 million people attendeing; Terry Nichols is found guilty of 161 state murder charges for helping carry out the Oklahoma City bombing today in 2004; Born today in 1886, Al Jolson, American singer and actor: Born today in 1907, John Wayne, American actor, director, and producer; Jay Silverheels, (AKA Tonto) Canadian-American actor was born today in 1912; James Arness, (AKA Matt Dillion) American actor was born today in 1923; Stevie Nicks, American singer-songwriter was born today in 1945; Philip Michael Thomas, (AKA Miami Vice’s Det. Tubbs) American actor was born today in 1949; Hank Williams Jr., American singer-songwriter and guitarist was also born today in 1949; Sally Ride, American physicist and astronaut, founded Sally Ride Science was born today in 1951; Helena Bonham Carter, (AKA Bellatrix Lestrange) English actress was born today in 1966; Vincent Voiture, French poet and author passed away today in 1648; Charles Horace Mayo, American physician, co-founded Mayo Clinic passed away today in 1939; And lastly, today in 2010, Art Linkletter, Canadian-American radio and television host passed away.

Website Update:
This week:
• Last Week for our Vocabulary Quiz
• Week Two for the Musical Trivia Quiz
• I came up with a couple new recipes for this week. Starting out this week eating left over Kare Kare that I made last Friday. It was just sooooo good! Please try it you will not be sorry! I also made a nice Coconut Curry Salmon and some Tex-Mex Meatballs that made us full and smiling but not necessarily in that order.
• The Home Page quote this week is from Frank Herbert’s son, author Brian Herbert. “The capacity to learn is a gift; The ability to learn is a skill; The willingness to learn is a choice. ”.

Writing, Ceramics, Stained Glass and Painting Update:
• I am not happy with the first version of Lori’s Barn and have started a new sketch. My daughter thinks its good but the way I did the trees behind the barn did not work for me. I am still working on Chris’ Sunset in the mangrove images. I also am still experimenting with the neurographic images. I am not in love with it yet.
• I am continuing my streak of slacking off on the paper edits of Grandpa Stories. I just haven’t carved out any time for more chapters.

Do you enjoy figuring out what gifts to get for people? Some are easier than others but generally speaking I am never sure about what to give as gifts. I never know sizes or color preferences. Sometimes I know music preferences but not always. Well, I recently discovered a great one-size-fits all kind of gift that is always the perfect color. I have become a devotee of giving trees as presents or at least planting trees as presents. Check out One Tree Planted at this link. You donate the amount of your choice at one tree per dollar and they plant the tree, send the recipient an email notification and a certificate telling them where their trees will be planted.

Music Update:
I am really pleased with this week’s mix. I find that the gift of music is that it can transport you instantly into that place where that piece became significant for you. Enjoy the Ride!

This week’s UJT Radio Program:
• The Jeff Beck Group — Morning Dew— Before Rod Stewart was a superstar in his own right, he was just a lead singer for Jeff Beck’s band. This song has been a favorite since their iconic album, “Truth” came out in 1968.
• Jimmy Buffet — The Pascagoula Run — I think we could all use a “black sheep uncle” like Jimmy. “What do the ladies say? What do the ladies Say? … ” This one comes from one of my favorite JB releases, “Off to See the Lizard” from 1989.
• John Denver —Season Suite: Late Winter, Early Spring (When Everybody Goes to Mexico) — The copy I have on Vinyl is not as clear as it once was. When we think of John most of us remember his crystal clear vocals and songs but he knew how to play that big blond Guild guitar very well. This one is from the iconic 1972 release, “Rocky Mountain High”.
• Eden Brent — Ain’t Got No Troubles — This is a well done throw back to the ragtime blues era. This is the title cut from her 2010 release. There is just something about this song.. the vocals, piano or horns but my foot gets to tapping.
• Allman Brothers — In Memory of Elizabeth Reed — This is a great instrumental song from their, Live at Fillmore East” album released in 1971. Dicky bets wrote the song after visiting Rose Hill Cemetery in the band’s hometown of Macon, Georgia. He named it after a headstone he saw for Elizabeth Jones Reed Napier (1845-1935). Dicky spent a lot of time with his guitar in Rose Hill. Originally, he was going to name it for a girl he knew but after a published comment from Duane Allman, “It wouldn’t have been gentlemanly”.
• Toto — Rosanna — From the Vinyl !!!! These boys just played tight music!!! This one is a favorite singing to the steering wheel song. Big smiles all around. From their “Toto IV” album released in 1982.

That’s it… Do the best you can; Laugh every chance you get; Always remember… The best is yet to come! As always, thank you for being my friend!