July 1st, 2016

Subax wanaagsan! (A fine Somalian “Good Morning” to you !!!)

It has been a productive week around the old homestead. We got the living room and garage walls all painted and ready for prime time again. I have started to refinish our bed and a night stand. We had Father Joe’s pic up another load from our slowly clearing garage. We continue to make progress on the back yard, pruning, thinning the Bamboo, refinishing the little fence that surrounds the pond and cleaning up the pond itself. Soon in will be back in full paradise mode. Inside, we have moved Steve, our grumpy bachelor parakeet, into a new condo located downstairs in the family room where he can watch tv and harass the other beasties as they go by.

I did a do-over on the grilled roast beef this weekend and it turned out wonderful!

This week I learned some stuff:
• I learned how to share powerpoint presentations online for free 🙂

Website Update
• Woopee!!! “New” Vocabulary quiz!
• I also added some links for your visual enjoyment:
• The San Diego Watercolor Society site has a large number of online galleries to look at as well as links to lots of other stuff.
• The presentation of the 41st Western Federation of Watercolor Societies Exhibition that you should enjoy.
• You can check them out here.
• While doing this stuff, I inadvertently seem to have deleted, “The Kitchen Drawer”. I have a request into the Support team to restore it but for now its missing:(

Writing and Painting Update:
• I decided to consolidate these two functions. I am making so little progress on them that I no longer need to cover them separately! I am so far behind on both my painting and writing projects! I haven’t forgotten them but all of this other stuff keeps getting in they way (refinishing furniture and backyard stuff).

• I am amazed that people were surprised about the British voting to exit the EU. The only thing I am surprised about is that it took them this long to drum up some half assed plausible rationale that the tabloids would dutifully report without fact checking at all. Even when the joined the couldn’t bring themselves to embrace the horror of giving up the pound in favor of a single currency. I encouraged to find that the British have been doing dumbass stuff for a long longer than we have and still survive. Although with the likely exit of Scotland and Ireland to the EU the U in UK has been diluted to the point of being tea. My recommendation to Her Majesty and her minions, it to fight to keep their two champion distilling countries in the fold! They are going to need to spirits flowing without what will surely be substantially punitive tariffs imposed by their ex EU partners and ex Countrymen.

Music Update:

• Joe Walsh – Rocky Mountain Way — From the vinyl !!! The last time I saw Joe in Concert, he played this song. It was funny because he said if knew how popular the song was gong to get he never would have recorded it because every show that he does now, the audience demands that he play it.
• Eric Clapton – Somebody’s Knockin — Another cut from the new “I Still Do” album. I am not sure if you have been following the reports but Eric has been having trouble with his hands and has difficulty playing as much as he did before. I can only imagine how difficult that must be for him. It was hard for me and I just barely played.
• Mary Gauthier – Mercy Now — Featured this one back in 2013 but it came around on the iPhone rotation this week and I thought I would treat you to it once more.
• Jack Johnson – Dreams Be Dreams — This is one of my favorites by JJ!!! .. Its a really good advice .. don’t let your dreams just be dream .. make them goals and work at them.
• Lifehouse – Hanging By a Moment – These guys are just amazing and almost as talented as their manager/producer Jude Cole. This is just a great tune.
• Dave Mathews Band – Two Step – Here is one of my favorites from a band that too its sweet ass time sneaking up on me and taking my heart. Hang on … its a good ride.
• James Taylor – Shower the People — From the vinyl !!!!Another wonderful piece of advise… just say it .. when you feel it .. say it to the ones you love. There are no do overs.
• Alanna Myles – Black Velvet — Well, I have featured this one before but its been a good while since I played it for you all. Its an iconic song from a silky sweet Canadian singer. I love that line about, “little boy smile”.

That’s it… Do the best you can; Laugh every chance you get; And always remember … The best is yet to come!

As always, thank you for being my friend!