August 26th, 2016

Hyvää huomenta! (A fine Finnish, “Good Morning” )

Well, Steve has left the building. I will miss my little blue and white feathered body and his ceaseless political commentary whenever the news channels were on (A die hard Bernie fan!). Steve, I think is ready for a new beginning. He has been a little depressed since the Hillary machine rolled over Bernie’s old ass, aided and abetted by the Trump’s very loud moron-acy that attracts media like moths to a candle. Steve has been amazed that humans appear to be manipulated while he is the one forced to live in a cage! Anyway, he is off to the wilds of Jamul, CA into the loving hands of the San Diego Audubon Society (Thanks Rob). I guess I can begin my treatment now. Fair Winds and Following Seas, Steve.

This week I learned some stuff:
• Did you know that Lowes (and I assume Home Despot does too), is able to take a piece painted drywall the size of a dime and match it. So if someone has added the “hole feature” by virtue of indoor baseball, opening doors too quickly and too far or got caught up in a, “ I should be able to hang his mirror right here” frenzy such that you need to patch your drywall, you can take your coin sized sample down and get a pint of the same color to paint the patch. Pretty cool huh? If this has been around for more than 10 years, please keep it to yourself, I am enjoying my discovery.:)

Website Update
• 2nd week for the “New” Vocabulary quiz! How did you do?
• I added another quote or two to the UJT Kitchen Drawer as well as a new cookie recipe and my Grandpa’s Fruitti di Mare Fettuccine recipe… Yum!!

Writing and Painting Update:
• Painting still is a step too far this week. I have my paints and easel set up outside and a sketch started but did not progress from there.
• My new editor has returned from holiday and sent me back a sample edit to review.

• I am a total pain the butt to watch TV with. I appear to be unable to stop myself from hitting that magic, “Go to the other channel” button any time I get bored or a commercial comes on. Adding insult to injury, I appear to bore easily. I am a completely jaded instant gratification junkie as TV watcher. Unless you have my exact taste, it will drive any poor soul to distraction. The dog gets up and leaves sometimes!
• I had my hearing checked for the first time since 1975. It seems mother nature creates miracles of completely perfect beings (babys) that are empty vessels to be filled with knowledge and experiences over a lifetime then she slowly takes things away as to prepare us for the end I think. Its seems my hearing is not hearing-aid diminished yet but I do have loss in the range of hearing two out of three of my favorite sounds – women and children voices, especially if I am not looking at you:) So unless I am looking at you in a relatively quiet place, I am probably not ignoring you.
• Hillary’s decision to continue to respond to every morsel of compost coming out of Trump only plays to his strengths and her weaknesses. This week’s tit-for-tat over racism only serves to amplify her ability to make bad choices. If Hillary is defending against his bat-shit crazy positions she cannot lead the discourse. Talking about Trump is not educating voters on what sound political policy she might bring to the equation. As frightening as his soulless rhetoric is, it is noise. If she keeps to her message he cannot sustain the audience because what little substance there is behind the words is appalling to anyone with character. Her campaign would be well advised not to focus on specifics of the ludicrous rants of a self-serving jerk who preys on our country’s fears and divisions for his own purposes. Of course, if these two persist, the American voters might surprise us all and seriously consider a third party in November.

Music Update:
I rediscovered an old friend musically this week. I was listening to Prairie Home Companion on NPR and heard this very familiar voice singing and some pretty spectacular guitar playing. I couldn’t put the name to the voice or sound right away. I was saved by Garrison Keeler when he thanked Colin Hay for his song. Colin Fay has that really distinctive voice for Men at Work, a band I have always enjoyed and got my first album in the famous coupon purchases that Sean, Jess and I would make at the used record store in Reston. I have included some of their stuff and something more recent by Colin as well.
• Men at Work – Overkill — These guys were sooo good! The music is so subtle. The guitar interplay between Colin Hay and Ron Strykert and I love the sax work by Greg Ham.
• Colin Hay – Looking for Jack (New Recording) – This one is from his Man@Work album released in 2003. The also captures some nice acoustic covers of some Men At Work songs like Down Under and Who Can It Be Now.
• Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young – Don’t Let it Bring You Down(Live) — This is a song from their wonderful 4 Way Street live album that blew every one away in 1971. This has a pretty funny intro and Neil just gives away these crystal clear images in his high nasal twang.
• Sarah McLaughlin – The Path of Thorns – This is a hit song that I never heard of from her Solace album. Its a sad song about trying and failing to save a relationship if not the love you feel.
• Steely Dan – Josie — Aja was always one of my favorite albums by these boys. Cleverly constructed, impeccably played and produced, Josie just comes home with eyes on fire.
• Vance Joy – Mess is Mine – From his Dream Your Life Away album. I love they way his songs hang on this celtic folk music frame and weave their magic thru is voice and words.
• Warren Zevon- Werewolves of London – Its been a couple of years since I featured this one from his Excitable Boy album. There just is something … have fun.
• Its A Beautiful Day – White Bird — A beautiful song from a beautiful time. I remember a blustery winds blowing through my hair and shivering in my tan Lee jacket listening to this one on a cold (for Miami) winter’s morning watching the sun rise across Biscayne Bay after a completely unusual night. I was 17 years old.

That’s it… Do the best you can; Laugh every chance you get; And always remember … The best is yet to come!

As always, thank you for being my friend!