September 28th, 2023 

“ Dobroho ranku”, or “Good Morning!” in Ukrainian, an Eastern Slavic language spoken mainly in Ukraine.  I have decided that the UJT will remain focused on Ukraine until we can all rejoice at the end of hostilities.  It has been 574 days since Russia invaded Ukraine.

This week I learned some stuff:

    • I was able to reseed the front yard all by my lonesome! I had to kill the weeds. Then I got to break up the ground using a wonderful hand tool known as a cultivator (think medieval torture device for dirt. With my crappy lungs and tricky ticker, I had to do it in like 8 parts with a 5-minute breathing break in between.  I am very glad, I have worked my way up to 1 hour on the elliptical before I attempted it. Anyway, after that it got a lot easier. Just spread the grass seed and then cover it with peat. I have to run the sprinklers 3 times a day for the next 2 weeks or so. I also pruned the forest of bushes around the pond so now everyone is about the same height. This week, I will replace the hardware on our dresser, repair the loose door knob and change out the ac filters in the main house unit as well as the smaller unit dedicated to the master bedroom. I also hope to perform the annual pressure wash on the front porch and furniture.
    • I am starting classes again this semester. I already signed up for a watercolor class on Wednesday mornings. I am trying to add a ceramics class for Saturday mornings also.
    • September 28th is the  271st day of 2023. Just 77 days till Christmas.  On this day in 1924, the first aerial circumnavigation is completed by a team from the US Army; Today in 1928,  Alexander Fleming notices a bacteria-killing mold growing in his laboratory, discovering what later became known as penicillin; A 7.5 Mw 2018 Sulawesi earthquake, which triggered a large tsunami, leaves 4,340 dead and 10,679 injured today in 2018; Ed Sullivan, American television host was born today in 1901;  Ethel Rosenberg, American spy was born in 1915; Ben E. King, American singer-songwriter and producer  was born today in 1938;  Moon Zappa, American actress and author was born today in 1967;  Herman Melville, American author and poet  passed away today in 1891;  Louis Pasteur, French chemist and microbiologist died today in 1895; Harpo Marx, American comedian, actor, and singer  passed away today in 1964’ Ferdinand Marcos, Filipino lawyer and politician, 10th President of the Philippines  died today in 1989 ;Finally, we lost Gary Glasberg, American television writer creator of NCIS New Orleans and producer today in 2016.

This week’s Website Update:

    • Week two for our Vocabulary Quiz Yeah!!!!
    • Week three for our  Musical Trivia Quiz 
    • I uploaded new recipes for Baked Crispy Chicken Wings. Kim Chi Chicken Fried Rice and Baked Garlic & Herb Salmon this week. Yum!
    • I have been doing some research on fermented foods (kraut, pickles, kimchi, etc. I am going to give it a try at home as soon as I get the stuff.
    • The Home Page quote for this week’s wisdom is from Robin Williams, “Everyone is fighting a battle that you know nothing about. So be kind”.

Writing, Ceramics, Bonsai Trees, Stained Glass, and Painting Update:  

    • I still haven’t gotten to the Juniper that BJ got me for my Birthday.  
    • I am actually getting busy with the stained glass project this week! I set up a workstation in the garage but did not much progress on the new design.
    • I  did manage to get some more of the paper editing done on Grandpa Stories”. My goal is 3-5 chapters each week till it is done.


    • I remember my introduction to poetry. A burden that no teenager should endure. “… Under t s spending chestnut tree the village smithy stands…” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. I think it was fourth or fifth grade. As much as I hated it, I fell in love with the imagery, “….The smith, a mighty man is he With large and sinewy hands, And the muscles of his brawny arms Are strong as iron bands…”  I was there right there watching him. I was feeling his wearing goodness in performing his role in the world… Just as I perform mine…. “     Has earned a night’s repose.  Thanks, thanks to thee, my worthy friend, For the lesson thou hast taught  Thus at the flaming forge of life. Our fortunes must be wrought Thus on its sounding anvil shaped Each burning deed and thought”  Way back in November of 1840, Longfellow painted such a vivid picture for us: A good hard man giving his best day in and day out knowing it is his lot and savoring the purposefulness in every day.  I am grateful for poetry.

Music Update:  

Here is a new batch of music for you to try out. 

This week’s UJT Radio Program:

    • Jimmy Buffett – Bubbles Up — This is a new song that is prerelease from his new and last album (released on 11/3/2o23). It includes some of his best work and features some pretty spectacular friends as well.  I have a lot of favorite Jimmy Buffett songs but this one hit me right away and made me cry a bit but with a smile on my face. Thanks, Jimmy.
    • Genesis – Follow You Follow Me –  Phil Collins is noted for his incredible voice but please try to pay attention to his drumming on this song. This is from their, …Then There Were Three..” album released in 1978.
    • Donald Fagan — Miss Marlene — From the Vinyl!!! This is a deep cut from his 2012 release, “Sunken Condos”. What can you say about the work that Mr. Fagan does – perfection? If you enjoy jazz.
    •  Venice  – Ashes in the Snow    Now if you like harmonies, you have combo the right place. This is a cut off their “Venetian Vinyl” released in 2015.
    • Jimmy Buffett   — Take Another Road — I guess we weren’t done with Mr. Buffett this week. This one comes from this 1989 release, “Off to See the Lizard”. 
    • Chris Isaak  — Wicked Game — This put Chris Isaak on the map and was overplayed to death on every radio! But it is still a great song sung well but James Calvin Wilsey’s guitar work is breathtaking. This is one from his, “Heart Shaped World” album released in 1989. Enjoy.

That’s it… Do the best you can; Laugh every chance you get; Always remember… The best is yet to come! As always, thank you for being my friend!