October 26, 2017

“Ыра кун пултӑр (Yra kun pultăr)” If you found yourself in the Churvash Republic (part of the Russian Federation), you might be greeted with this “Good Morning!”.

Happy National Mule Day !!!October 26th is set aside to honor and recognize the special contributions of the product of some sexual perversions that our great first President helped to promulgate throughout the colonies and our young nation. The mule is a smarter, more even tempered, stronger and tireless offspring from a male donkey and a female horse. Mules require less food than a horse of similar size. George Washington wrote King Charles of Spain asking to purchase good quality breeding stock to develop larger mules in America. The King sent Washington fine fine jennies and a 4 year old jack (I bet you were wondering how Jack Keller got his name ??) by the name of Royal Gift. Royal Gift is credited with the development of the American Mule and began the mule dynasty that reshaped the very landscape of our country.

Today is supposed to be the first day of San Diego County’s dance with the Santa Anna winds that haunt California’s dry parched countryside about this time every year. The last time we had this combination of very wet winter and very dry parched summer was in 2007 when we lost just under 200K acres, 1125 residences, 2 lives and suffered injuries to 44 firefighters. Keep a good thought for us over the next few weeks. I wish I was further along in the development of our “togo” evacuation kit.

This week I learned some stuff:
• I told you all about the planning for the install of the ceiling fan in our master bedroom. I got it all planned out and found out that our very lovely Spanish tile roof hides a very small and very cramped attic that is unsuitable for old fat guy wire running. Its tough to learn new limitations.

Website Update:
• I added a link to a special fund to help the US Virgin Islands. Brad’s Deals Cares Foundation was brought to my attention by a good friend. Please do what you can. “ Isla Bendita”, United for Puerto Rico’s official song was also added this week.
• This is your last week for the New Vocabulary Quiz!!!
• This week the site features lyrics for “MIllworker” from James Taylor. Enjoy!

Writing and Painting Update:
• I finally finished with that new chapter for Artifacts this week.
• I started a new pastel project for class, then missed the class again this week!
• I started the painting that has been percolating but its not done.
• Assembling 5 pieces of soft clay into a box and adding 4 feet to suspend it from the ground would seem simple. Well, it might be for some but I found it challenging on my second attempt. Its drying this week to get ready for firing in next Friday’s ceramics class.


• Beware the snake in the grass!. The Koch Brothers inside man is Mike Pence. Make no mistake about it. He has been quietly working behind the scenes, getting Bannon removed and moving other pieces around the chessboard. He is far more dangerous to American values of freedom and tolerance than his moronic boss. Unlike Trump, Pence is not stupid. Also unlike SCROTUS, Mike Pence is completely committed to his cause and overwhelmingly funded to execute his mission. Which will be good for every one who is just like him and horrific for anyone who is not (meaning anyone not white, “Christian”, straight, wealthy or “American”). These people are ruthless. They will do anything to further their nationalistic cause.
• Every time I carefully clean my ears with a Qtip it strikes me as so strange that I cannot resist the urge to cough. I think this maybe the true evidence that there is a God. And he (or she) has the same sense of humor that you can witness anytime someone scratches the side of a dog and gets their little paws going a mile a minute. You can almost hear the heavenly snickers… “ Here watch this.. I built so when they clean their ears they have to cough..” and then cracking up when it happens… just like we do when we get our puppies little paws going so fast… How weird is that!!

Music Update:

On this week’s UJT Radio program we are going to hear some additional songs from some of the artists featured last week :

• Jewel — Foolish Games — This is another cut from her “Pieces of You” album.
• Lynyrd Skynyrd — Sweet Home Alabama — I really loved this tune from their amazing first album. I think my whole social group got location schizophrenia between Rocky Mountain High and Sweet Home Alabama. I do, I truly do.
• Steppenwolf — Earschplittenloudenboomer — This is a tight instrumental song from their, “Steppenwolf 7” album, this is a deep cut and for me is reminiscent more of Chicago than Steppenwolf. I like it and hope you will too.
• Uriah Heep — Easy Livin — From there album, “Demons and Wizards”. The early days of heavy metal.
• James Taylor — Millworker — This is one of my all time favorite JT songs from his Flag album. I hope you love it as well.
• Feelin’ Alright — Dave Mason — Dave Mason wrote this one when he was part of Traffic. One of my all time favorites!!
• Rolling Stones — Start Me Up — From the Vinyl!!!! This song was recorded about a dozen times before it actually got included in Tattoo You. Always been one of my RS favs.
• Cold Play — Oceans — This is from their Ghost Stories album. Its pretty ghostly. I am not sure it will be a big hit for some of you

That’s it… Do the best you can; Laugh every chance you get; And always remember … The best is yet to come!

As always, thank you for being my friend!

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