December 19th, 2019

“Nii’óóke’!” or “Good Morning” in Arapaho, a great American indigenous tribe before the Europeans came.

I spent last weekend in my Keebler Elf role and transitioned to Sam the Mail Geek later this week. I had boxes stashed all over the family room. Trying make sure everyone will be getting their packages in time for Christmas. In stead of “whistle while you work” I let my playlist run wild so I am loving the tunes !!

My backyard project hit a snag and will not be completed until I get back from TX.

Oh, by the way, this is the last UJT for 2019. No fooling.

This week I learned some stuff:
• I learned how to place tile and mix cement. I learned it is better to do just in time sawing and cutting as opposed to trying to cut all the word and then piece it together all at once. It will be ok but my stab at efficiency stabbed my efficiency…and so it goes.
• December 19th is the 353rd day of the year (leaving only 6 days till Christmas!). On this day in 1777, the US Continental Army under General George Washington, moved to the winter headquarters at Valley Forge, PA; In 1972, Apollo 17 returned home from the last manned lunar flight ; In 1974, Nelson Rockefeller was sworn in as Gerald Ford’s Vice President; In 1998,President Bill Clinton is impeached by the House of Representatives; In 1902, Leonid Brezhev, 4th head of the Soviet State, was born; On this day in 1924, Cicely Tyson, American actress was born; Alvin Lee, British singer-songwriter, guitarist was born in 1944; In 1946, Robert Urich, American actor and producer was born; V.C Andrews, American author passed away on this day in 1986.

Website Update:
• The next “New” Vocabulary Quiz will be in 2020.
• The Music Triva quiz will be back in 2020.
• I put up a new recipe that I think you might enjoy. Try the Cauliflower Adobo this year but maybe not with Christmas dinner.

Writing, Ceramics and Painting Update:
• I finished 2 ceramics projects and started a new painting project this week.
• Grandpa Stories is still not re-published.

• I was searching for something else on the UJT and came across this incredibly poignant scene by Bill Pullman on HBO’s “The Newsroom”. For me its even more appropriate today. Maybe. It’s time to listen again.

Music Update:

I have no theme in mind for this weeks UJT Radio Selection. These are just a few of the musical textures that enrich our lives so much. Ain’t Life Grand!!!

Go to this week’s UJT Radio program.
• Joe Cocker — Just Like a Woman — What was it about Joe that bent our hearts so much. He just felt like an other old friend that happened to be from England and that I had never met. This is a deep cut from his, “With A Little Help From My Friends” album released in 1969.
• Little Feat – All That You Dream — The Feats just say it all. “ I been down but not like this before..Can’t be round this kind of shit no more “. This one comes from their iconic, “Waiting for Columbus” live album from 1978. The organ and percussion make this one work.
• Steely Dan — Night By Night — This is a great song that brings back sooo many memories of the times I spent mixing sound for Somerset. Between rehearsals and gigs, I must have heard George, John, Larry and Roberto play this song a hundred times. It was always one of my favorites.
• Venice — One Quiet Day — I LOVE these boys harmonies!!! They just make me smile. This one is from their “ Home Grown” album released in 2008. I am “Jonesing” for another backyard concert Venice fix. I need to bug my buddy Joe to find out when the next one is.
• Bob Seger and and Silver Bullet Band — Shakedown — This is from the Beverly Hills Cop II released in 1987.
• Mike and the Mechanics — Silent Running (Remastered) — I always loved these guys. They were always so tight! This was their first single from their “Mike and the Mechanics” album released in 1985.
• Beatles – Within You and Without You – This here is a deep cut off Sgt. Peppers (1968). Although I am not sure ‘deep cut” applies to that iconic album. I would guess that hearing this song was the first time 80% of Americans ever heard a Sitar. If you listen, this is not some fluffy little pop tune. These boys were trying to tell us things most had not considered. The orchestration is perfect (Thanks George Martin).

That’s it… Do the best you can;  Laugh every chance you get;  And always remember …  The best is yet to come!  As always, thank you for being my friend!