December 27th, 2018

“(sobh bekheir) صبح بخير” Wishing all a fine “Good Morning” n Persian (Farsi), an Indo-Iranian language spoken in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and a number of other countries.

I hope all of us had a “Happy Christmas”, as our friends the British like to say. I think every one around our house did. Even the dog liked her new toy and the cat was delighted as he played in the discarded wrapping paper. After presents we celebrated with an Eggs Benedict breakfast followed by lots new stuff set ups and usages. Santa was good to us this year.

This week I learned some stuff:

• We celebrate NATIONAL FRUITCAKE DAY across the United States, fruitcake lovers young and old, observe National Fruitcake Day each year on December 27. Made with chopped candied or dried fruit, nuts and spices and sometimes soaked in “spirits,” fruitcake has been a holiday stable for generations. But I ask you, “Have you ever known anyone who likes Fruitcake?” I never have.
• I discovered a bug in the latest version my website management tool. Since I installed the update, I cannot insert buttons on Summary Pages. So that means I cannot add new reciepe buttons under Main Courses, or add the latest UJT Update to the UJT Updates page. I have reported it and they are working on it.

Website Update:

• Last week for the “New” Vocabulary Quiz.
• A new UJT Music Trivia Quiz!!! Yeeaahhh!!
• I added a new recipe for Seriously, Serious Roasted Broccoli that we tried out as part of our Christmas Dinner..Yum!

Writing, Ceramics and Painting Update:
• School is out for the holidays. I have continued to paint and write, but no ceramics.
• Grandpa Stories is still not re-published.


• For most of my life, the best watch in the world was always the Rolex. I mean there are a lot of watch brands and models out there for us mere mortals but if you really want to say that you made it, you got a Rolex. So while I was living in Switzerland, I finally got up the nerve to ask a Swiss jeweler, why Rolex watches were considered the best. I was told that their innards (he might have used a different term) were of “superior” engineering and manufacturing. He told me that only a real Rolex would have a second hand that stops after each tick and does not just sweep. Well, I just got a new watch for Christmas and it has that same Rolex second hand feature but was a lot cheaper. Technology may have leveled the playing field. I think that is cool and more than a little weird that second hand thing matters.

Music Update:
Well, we have the special Christmas program for you today on UJT Radio. Go to this week’s UJT Radio program.

• The Beatles — Blackbird — One of my many favorite Beatles tunes, this one is deep cut from their 1968 release of “The White Album”.
• Tommy Emmaneul — I Still Can’t Say Goodbye — This is a very sentimental song sung by a son who misses his father. Its a deep cut from his, “Endless Road” album released in 2005. The guitar work is so subtle and beautiful.
• Dishwalla — Drawn Out — This is from their incredible 2005 release, “Opaline”. If you don’t have this record yet.. tisk tisk…
• Gary Clark Jr. – Things are Changin’ (Live) (Solo Acoustic) — This soulful song comes from his 2011 release of, “Bright Lights – EP”.
• Billy McLuaghlin— Stormseeker — This is the title cut off his “ Stormseeker-The Best of Billy McLaughlin” album released in 2001.
• The Derek Trucks Band — Sahib Teri Bandi – Maki Madni [Album Version] — This instrumental starts out kind of exploring the guitar cosmos but then rolls into a really special song. The flute refrain is lovely. This one comes from their “Songlines” album released in 2006.
• Supertramp — The Logical Song — Always my one of my favorites, this was their biggest hit coming off their, “Breakfast In America” album released in 1979.
• Eric Clapton/Carlos Santana — The Calling — This one is from Carlos’ “Supernatural” collaboration album released in 1999.

That’s it… Do the best you can; Laugh every chance you get; And always remember … The best is yet to come!

As always, thank you for being my friend!