O5/11/2023 – This week our country endured its 201st mass shooting since the first of January.  I am having a hard time living with that fact. In my opinion, that is just morally wrong. Meanwhile our “leaders” diddle each other trying to find a way to pay our debt while preserving the corporate and wealthy individual tax protection gifts put in place by Trump.  Preferring to play political tiddlywinks while innocent people are gunned down across our nation. I  AM SO SICK OF HEARING, “We are praying for the victims and their families” !!! We do not need anyone’s prayers! Our elected officials need to stop being politicians long enough to do something important.  Watching the carnage on TV, i flashed back to this post I made over six years ago. I thought we might watch this one again.
This is another one of those presents that American Art can give us if we give it half a chance.  The actor Jeff Daniel’s panel response written for a character on an HBO series, “The Newsroom”. Every time I have heard this monologue, my eyes tear. It hurts so much to hear the facts surrounding our country’s current performance measurements.  It also hurts to remember when we did things because we had the courage to be morally correct and wrong sometimes. As I entered the twilight of my life, our country has appeared to change into a fearful mass of self-centered profit mongers whose only concerns are the protection of their particular view of “correctness” and self-preservation. Our world needs and deserves more of America than we now offer. Watching this monologue may feel bad but maybe more of us need to feel bad so we can change things back to where we were real leaders of the free world.

America is NOT the greatest country in the world anymore (but we can be again)